29 09 2008

I almost had a big fat cry today at work. My RE’s office called – we had two embryos that were 6 cell grade B on day 3 that did not make it to freeze over the weekend. Not to be melodramatic, but it so hard to think about a piece of me and my DH that had been alive a few days ago is no more… I hope the two that are currently at home in my uterus make it. I would love to have twins but I would be oh so happy with one.

So 4dp3dt I am bloated, gassy, peeing all the time, twitching ovaries/uterus, cramping like AF is coming and MOODINESS. I took all last week off and I came back to a sh** storm of work. I should be grateful for the work considering the state of the economy and the fact that a lot of law firms are laying off…

Okay, I peed on a stick today – it was 10 days past my trigger and it is definitely out of my system as the pee stick was whiter than white. I will continue to pee on sticks – I got my bfp 8dp3dt at about 4:00 in the morning last time and I really want that feeling again. Plus, my obsession about peeing on sticks goes away once I pee on one!!!

Although I am in my [early] thirties – I read and loved the Twilight series during this cycle – it really helped keep me out of my head. I then read the Sookie Stackhouse series – a bit dirtier and the inspiration behind TrueBlood on HBO. Not usually my speed but these books definitely distracted me.




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