5dp3dt – Serenity Now!!!

30 09 2008

I am so tired. I worked late last night and worked like a dog today. I guess that is good – it is keeping my mind off of what is happening – or not happening. The times I did think about it, I was really hopeful that this cycle may be a bfp!! Why not – I got pregnant the first time, right?

We are trying to sell our house – I came home early from work – knowing that I would have to work from here later – to clean. Well before I knew it, my house looked great – I then heard a noise and my cat was peeing in the corner. Then one of my dogs brought in a bunch of dirt. It must be the progesterone but I was so IRRITATED. Then DH got home – he had to get an MRI on his shoulder – he then proceeds to imitate the sounds the MRI made – really, really loud. I was getting calls and emails from work, I had to get two documents out and I wanted to scream to everyone (animals, humans, etc.) to SHUT THE FU*K UP. I do not remember being this grouchy during round 1. We shall see.

So tonight I end this post with a shout out to all you other IVF’rs trying to stay sane.




One response

30 09 2008

I will keep hopeful bfp thoughts for you. This process is so exhausting.

i’ll check back for an update!

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