2 10 2008

I am home, snuggling in and getting ready to watch the debate.

So one of the secretaries at work was eating meatloaf on a bagel (what???) with ketchup – it smelled so bad, I thought I was going to puke. I am trying to chalk it up to an early pregnancy symptom – I did have that symptom right away when I was pregnant before.

I then had a cocktail event for a leadership program my firm is putting me through. It was a lot more fun that I thought it would be and I met some really cool women. So here is where it gets awkward…there is a “retreat” this weekend at a local YMCA camp…at first I was like – this program is for young professionals – where is the Hilton? But then I came back to my roots (small town and lots of s’mores) and decided to keep an open mind. However, they are having a bunch of physical activities – low rope exercises??? and other stuff. I do not know whether I am pregnant or not but I am acting like I am. I also have a herniated disc – for real. So I told the coordinator that I could not participate in the funky physical stuff because of my disc. I did not want to tell a complete stranger that I may or may not be pregnant, etc., etc. I would hate to be pregnant, partake in these shenanigans and end up having a miscarriage – I know all of the research about what really causes miscarriages but I do not mentally need that fear and pressure. So, my philosophy is better to be safe than sorry.




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