4 10 2008

The rest of the day yesterday went well – no more spotting, my afternoon FRER was darker. My FRER was darker this morning than yesterday morning’s but not as dark as the one in the afternoon. I did have some pink spots on the toilet paper this morning – nothing to send me in full blown panic mode. I feel like AF is going to come any minute, I have weird gas, tons of rumblings and gurglings in my stomach, I am nauseaus, I get heartburn at night and I am getting some nice veins in my bb’s (although they feel smaller than they did two days ago). I am trying to stay really positive about this pregnancy.

TMI ALERT: I tried to eat breakfast – my favorite egg whites with american cheese on an english muffin – I ate about 1/2 of it, ran to the sink, gagged what I had in my mouth out and threw up the rest. That has to be good, right!!???




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