10dp3dt Longest. Weekend. Ever.

5 10 2008

The e.p.t. came up “Pregnant” this morning – yay, that means I have at least 40 units of hcg. One of my FRER was as almost dark as last night’s at 8:10 so that is good. Mine seem to be darker at night. There is a HUGE difference between my early FRER’s (i.e. 2 days ago at 8dp3dt) than last night’s and today’s!!!

I am mentally exhausted – which for me is a good thing – I will not be obsessing as much. I am having very, very small spots of pink, brown and red on the tp (at about 5 AM – nothing compared to the previous spotting, which was still small in amount. Let’s hope it is tapering off. Well, it is about 4:00 and no spotting AT ALL I think it has stopped!!! Please, please, please!!!

I feel nauseated, hungry, tired – but I do not feel like AF is coming anymore and by bbs are decidedly smaller than they have been.

I am not going to try and guess at what is happening – for now I am pregnant – and my beta tomorrow should be indicative of whether that may be viable or not. Then of course Wednesday’s beta will be the critical piece.




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