Low Beta

6 10 2008

Well, I got my beta – it is 34. I have to go back in Wednesday for another blood test. My heart continues to break.

I remember starting this IVF process thinking that if I were lucky enough to get pregnant – not that it would be easy – but since we had male factor, and I was fine, young, healthy and both of my sisters had babies easily – why wouldn’t I get and stay pregnant? These losses have shaken my core, they have changed the way I feel about life, the way I feel about people and certainly have changed the way I feel about myself.

I have no idea where we will go from here.




3 responses

6 10 2008

Oh Lisa. I am so sorry. How disappointing.


Try and think positive. 34 is a positive number, and there is still a chance that it will double. I am holding that hope for you.

(((more hugs)))

6 10 2008

I’m so sorry you’re on this roller coaster. I hope your next beta brings a welcome surprise (and that your spotting stops), but until then hang in there. One day at a time, right? Hugs.

6 10 2008

I’m so sorry. Sincerely this stinks. I hope your beta brings some good news. I will be sending you positive thoughts and prayers.

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