Diagnosis – Pregnant

15 10 2008

One thing that I have to ward against is being melodramatic. I always try to gauge what I am feeling and how I am feeling in order to ensure I am not overdoing it. Well, this morning kicked my melodramatic a**.

I went in for my beta to see if it dropped to negative – I went to a lab near my house for the first time so I did not have to drive an hour out of the way to my RE’s. Well they were putting in my info and the prescription and the diagnosis code was “Pregnant” blah, blah, blah – I could not read the rest – the first word hit me like a ton of bricks. I wanted to scream at the lady – “No, I am NOT fuc*ing pregnant, I was fuc*ing pregnant but I am not fuc*ing pregnant anymore”. I did not scream at anyone but I cried in my car on the way to work. This sucks so FUC*ING bad. On top of this crap, I got food poisoning of sorts from my lunch yesterday – my co-worker who had the same exact thing went home early too for the same puking and you-know-what-else.

So, today I am ANGRY and really want to try again and I dare the universe to deny me again – I know very melodramatic and over the top but I am so mad. My beta came back at the negative level so it is officially over.




6 responses

15 10 2008

vent all you want, you deserve it. Scream, cry, throw things, you are entitled to it.

15 10 2008

You have every right to be angry and melodramatic and anything else you want to be! ((Hugs))

16 10 2008

This just sucks. I agree. You get to be melodramatic.

I’m thinking of you!

16 10 2008

I don’t think you’re being dramatic. Isn’t this a normal reaction? (It’s how I would react…maybe that’s not so normal, though).

hang in there xoxo, a

18 10 2008

Diagnosis codes are a bunch of crap that the insurances companies make up to make us miserable! I had a similar fit with them a couple of weeks ago… but nothing even close to what you are going through.
Like everyone else said… just let it all out. Thinking of you.

18 10 2008

That is the worst! I’m sorry you had a crappy day…in more ways than one. Hope your weekend is turning out better.

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