Call with Embryologist

6 11 2008

I feel much better – I talked with the embryologist at my RE’s and she was very, very helpful – she gave me the details I was looking for from my RE. First, she said that, in her experience, sperm retrieved from PESA and MESA is typical to what they are finding in my DH. I asked about the low fertilization rate and she said actually the 4/9 that fertilized last time was really good for PESA and that it is 60-70% for sperm retrieved from, let’s call it manual, methods. I asked her if she thought MESA would be better than PESA and she actually said that she does not see a big difference in the sperm and that there is not a statistically large difference in pregnancy rates with PESA and MESA – she did not have the exact numbers but will call me tomorrow. She is going to nail my RE – you know, one of the “best doctors” in the country – and get her definitive opinion on whether MESA would be worth it. Our insurance probably will not cover it and it would be about 8k just for the MESA – we are willing to do it if it is worth it. I am going to google the shit out of the pregnancy rates between MESA and PESA. For those of you reading – thank you for your support – your comments help me keep my sanity!




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