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6 11 2008

I have been doing a lot of soul searching since my last post. I have also been reading way too much – it has been my escape and it pretty much took me over! Most of this has been a reaction to going through my medical records from my RE’s office. I requested them when I knew I wanted a second opinion. I read through them and the lab made notes about DH’s sperm – how bad it was. With IVF#1 they had to add a chemical to it to even make it move…with IVF#2 they were all shaped wrong and it took a long time to find any to inject into my eggs. First, I was royally pissed that my RE did not say anything about this – it is like, hey I know you are busy but not to even read my whole file or communicate with the lab before my WTF appointment is unforgivable.

So, I called my DH’s urologist to ask about doing a MESA next time (this is after MY research on the internet to see what else we could do) – we have been doing PESAs. The urologist said that we could get much more sperm doing a MESA and that it could result in better quality sperm but that it cost 8k. I called our insurance company and they cover two of the three procedure codes for it. So I then called the urologist’s office back to get a number for out of pocket costs – she said she would call me back on Tuesday – no call back yet.

So at this point, I almost have no words for the anger and frustration I am feeling. If the sperm are an issue, then it is almost obvious that it is chromosomal issues with the embryos.

My RE is the best in our city so it it very disturbing that this is occurring – I am going to another renowned hospital’s fertility center for my second opinion – their success rate is a bit lower than my RE’s.

I could start on IVF#3 on November 18 with my RE if I want to. I am really tempted – they got me pregnant twice – if we can get better sperm with a MESA – IVF#3 could do it. It would also save me from starting over someplace else. If IVF#3 with MESA does not work, I will go out of pocket, out of the state if I have to.

I guess I feel like a martyr – why do I have to do my freaking RE’s job?




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6 11 2008

OMG Lisa, that is so unacceptable! You are paying your RE big bucks and to think he’s not doing his job is beyond annoying! If I was you, I’d get a 2nd opinion for sure! Best wishes and many ((HUGS))!!

BTW … If you read back a couple of posts on my blog you’ll see my surrogacy update. 🙂

6 11 2008

WOW… your RE didn’t tell you anything about the trouble that they had?? That is such bull! Did you get a chance to talk to your RE abt whether MESA might help? I don’t know much abt sperm issues, but from what you say, MESA w/ IVF#3 sounds like your best option. In any case, it doesn’t hurt getting a second opinion.

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