Third Time is a Charm????

11 11 2008

We have decided to jump feet first into IVF#3. What a crazy emotional roller coaster it has been playing doctor this month! All I know is that I am so relieved that I was all over the professionals to look into my protocol and DH’s sperm. I do love my clinic – the IVF coordinator, the embryologist – and the RE is good at what she does – just no bedside manner. They got me pregnant twice – okay, it does sound like I am defending my reasoning to stay with them on this try. I have hope that it will be a better cycle – they are going to try and get more eggs – we had 9 last time and I would be over the moon if they got 13 or more. I start lupron on the 18th and my retrieval is scheduled for December 9.

I have a question for you – what do you think of baby aspirin – I was on it for both IVFs – and I was wondering if we should skip it this time – oh yea – all my blood tests for RPL that she ordered came back fine. Also, I did acupuncture both times last time and I am not doing it this time.

I feel like I did for my first IVF – so much hope, so happy – in fact yesterday was the happiest I have been in ages until a client brought down a shitstorm on my sunny day – sorry, I digress. The point is, I feel really, really good and I am so excited to try – I just want the ANSWER on IF I get pregnant again – what can I do to make it stick? I know that there may be nothing but if it is as simple as not taking the baby aspirin…I have read many articles and most say it may help blood flow to the uterus and egg production – so maybe I stay on it until the retrieval – it also says it helps the lining – mine is thick at a whopping 16 for both IVFs. Otherwise, it may help RPL – but I have lost two on it………….I better get ready for work. ‘Til next time.




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