Meds are Here

12 11 2008

My meds came yesterday – I took them into my IVF basket – I keep it under my sink in our bathroom and organized the crap out of it. I have always ended up with about four hundred syringes and needles too many! I am so excited and yet at the same time I have no expectations – I really feel as if I have given myself a fresh start. I let myself completely wallow when I needed to and I really processed what this try means for me and my DH. I am really going to try and continue my normal life and not let it consume me – I do not plan on telling my family or most of my friends unless I get a bfp AND I see a heartbeat.

I may have neglected to post that all of my blood work came back normal – for the tests she ran for RPL – so in the last few years I have had every blood test under the sun that they can do – plus she did the physical exam with the saline – I forget the name of it – to make sure my uterus is all clear.

My 34th birthday is coming up on the 29th – I love being in my 30s – I really feel that so far it has been the best part of my life. I am treating myself to a “spa week” – last night I got my eyebrows waxed, a manicure and a pedicure. Saturday I am going with girlfriends to get a facial and a scrub.




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