IVF#3 Officially Begins

18 11 2008

I cannot believe it – IVF#3 is officially here. I took my baby aspirin (still scared it is what is causing my losses but I think that may be irrational) with my prenatal vitamins this morning and I have my first lupron shot tonight at 8:00. I will be at the hockey game but I bought a really cute little bag from TJ Ma.xx to hold a few vials and syringes.

I have really had a hard time getting to sleep the last few weeks. It is so weird – it is like I am great during the day – I am getting into my job again – but then as soon as I lay down to go to sleep, BAM – all I think (and fantasize) about are egg retrievals, fert reports, embryo quality, the transfer – not just a transfer but a 5 day blast transfer – we have never had that – getting a bfp, getting doubling betas, seeing the heartbeat for the first time, getting big and fat, birthing classes, having the baby, having twins, having triplets…and on and on. I am really excited but if I keep not being able to get enough sleep, I will crash and burn – I need a solid 7.5 to 8 hours a night – trust me, I would give it all up for a baby but damn, I need my sleep!

Things I am doing differently this cycle:

1) Not doing acupuncture – I did it for both last time, I had sessions before and during the med portion and before and after the transfer;

2) Not telling very many people – of course DH knows (after all, he has to show up with his man bits on the 9th!), three friends from work know (one has had two prior losses about the same time I did and one lost her twin boys at 21 weeks [she just had a FET yesterday – they thawed 4 and put 2 back] and the other one had two miscarriages, one 7 years ago and one 10 years ago). Wow, that just blew my mind – I have never written out their history before or connected all of their losses in my mind…miscarriage fu**ing sucks.

3) Not taking off oodles of work – I did last time and it was very disruptive – also, I hate to lie and I will not be able to make up a story about why I am gone. I am going to tell people that my husband has a procedure for our retrieval day – he will be getting the PESA so it is not a total lie.

4) I am going to try to remain positive.

5) I am going to TRY not to be an hpt freak – see IVF#2 for what I am talking about – I am not guaranteeing anything on this one – the pull may be too strong…

6) I almost want to tell my RE to stuff the betas if I get a bfp but I am too obsessive not to know.

7) No orgasm and no sex for a very long time after the transfer (I did as soon as I got the green light after IVF#1).

8) I am not going to put my life on hold – I am going to get ready for the holidays, visit my family over Thanksgiving and take my little case full of meds and syringes so that I do not have to run home every night.

I have no idea if the above will help, hurt, won’t matter (frankly, some just seem superstitious and/or silly to me) but it makes me feel like I am doing something.




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18 11 2008

yea for IVF #3!!!

I don’t even do HPTs anymore…I just can’t bear the dissapointment. I just wait for the beta. 😦 It’s funny to me to think of people doing them serially.

Also…never heard anything about no orgasm or sex for a specific time after retrival? Seriously? How long??? My RE never said that to me!

18 11 2008
Maria (MKC101103)

Good luck this cycle! I was a total superstitious freak during my IVF/FET cycles so I know where you’re coming from. Since you’re not doing accu this time, maybe just go for a good massage the day before your ET? I know you’re mind will be racing, so maybe it will help your body relax.

As for the Big O…I stayed away from that until we were in the 2nd trimester. I swore my first two losses were due to orgasms…the timing was spot on.

And when you get a + beta, don’t obsess over the numbers. Just as the nurse if it’s ok. If she says yes, take her word for it. No sense going through beta hell like I endured only for things to turn out perfectly fine (my beta went from 409 to 445 and I obviously freaked, but I’m still PG so it must have been the loss of a twin).

18 11 2008

YAY for starting IVF#3! Wish you all the very very best for this cycle and hoping that this leads to one uneventful and successful PG and baby.
Regarding acu, I did that for my IVF#1 but did not continue it for my IVF#2. I did what maria said… I went for a relaxation massage the morning of ET. Don’t know if it actually helped but it made me feel better.

18 11 2008

I have been very superstitous this cycle too. I did #1 & #2 on your list this time as well!

Oooh! Hockey! I LOVE hockey. Which game are you going to? Have fun.

Ahh – the joys of ivf – shooting up in the bathroom 😉

Thanks again for your support…

18 11 2008

I think your plans for this cycle sound good! I always try to do this at the beginning of each cycle…to learn from my mistakes in the last one. But so much of my stuff is rooted in superstition, “I’m going to hop on my left foot three times after the IUI.”

I’m very excited that you are starting a new cycle. I love beginnings. All those possibilities!

18 11 2008

Hey Lisa, hope all goes well. Yippee for your new cycle! Sounds like a good plan, so now that you have it in place, go get some sleep please!

18 11 2008

Ah, Lisa….#3. I am hoping this is the one for you! It’s time.

19 11 2008

also…can’t wait to learn what your experience with acupuncture is. I did it for #1, but am not sure I’m going to do it for #2. My lady was just weird. She always did EXACTLY the same thing. I had 16 sessions with her!!! Always the same thing! That seems a little suspect to me.

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