A** Kicking

19 11 2008

The hockey game was great – it was so nice to be with my husband and his son all night. It is so hard with our schedules to do fun things as a family.

Giving myself the shot of lupron in the bathroom was no problem – it gave me hope that I will be able to still be out and about during this cycle. I always canceled events and stayed home to administer my shots – but no more. I am thinking of IVF as a force of some sort to be reckoned with – and I am not going to let it kick my a** for another cycle – at least not yet! Seriously, I think about how many things I have missed and how tunnel visioned I was during the first two – especially the second. It is like when I used to smoke – everything revolved around when I could smoke my next cigarette. With IVF, everything for me revolved around giving myself the shots, hiding myself away just in case the meds turned me into one of the woman in the Tina Fey/et. al skit about birth control pills – http://www.nerve.com/CS/blogs/scanner/archive/2008/02/25/video-of-the-day-snl-quot-annuale-quot-skit-you-missed-while-busy-changing-your-tampon.aspx

If you have not seen this skit – it is a must see.

At any rate, I am going to kick IVF’s a** for a change. At least until stims…




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19 11 2008

that’s the “Annual” skit, right? I love where she dives into the cake 🙂

I didn’t cancel anything for IVF injections. I just carried them around in my purse. 🙂 I would shot up in bathrooms, the car, one time under the dinner table (that one was pretty slick). BUT once I started the PIO I couldn’t do them by myself. I did try to make it home by 8 or 9 to get injections. If I thought I might be out later I would take them with me….but DH never gave them. I have a sis and a friend who are nurses who gave me the shots. I couldn’t give myself the IM shot. 🙂

19 11 2008

btw: yea for hockey!

19 11 2008

OMG!! I always call it the IVF skit. “Hold on to your effing hat..” LOL! Love it!

Glad the game was fun! We are hoping to catch a Sabres Pens game when we are home over thanksgiving.

Thanks again for all the support!

19 11 2008

You go girl! Glad you are feeling better.
That was one funny skit! LOL!
I have been avoiding going out and spending time with my friends because of the shots. If this IVF#2 doesn’t work (god forbid), I am going to try and get back my life too!

19 11 2008
Kristin (kekis)

Thanks for delurking on my blog! I always wonder who is listen to my ramblings. GL with this cycle. And keep up the good work w/ the injections. Most IFers could be really great addicts with all of the shooting up that is done!

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