Rough Times

20 11 2008

I received really horrible news throughout the day yesterday. My DH lost a very dear friend and my friend that had two prior miscarriages began to have her third.

I could not wait for my DH to get home last night so I could just hug him all night.




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20 11 2008

I am so sorry! BIG HUGS!

Bad news comes in threes or so they say, so hopefully it is all good from here on out.

20 11 2008

I am soo sorry! The thing I hate abt bad news is that they somehow all show up at the same time making it all the more difficult!
Thinking of you…

20 11 2008

arg! bad news sucks. 😦


20 11 2008

Oh Lisa, I am so very sorry. That is a lot to handle. Hugs to you!

20 11 2008

So sorry for the bad news:(

20 11 2008

I’m so so sorry. I hope tomorrow is better. Hugs.

21 11 2008

I’m so sorry to hear about your bad day. That’s horrible. I’m glad that DH was there at the end to make it a little bit better.

21 11 2008
Maria (MKC101103)

I’m so sorry for all of that bad news. I hope your DH snuggled you all night.

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