Lupron Headache; Caffeine Question

21 11 2008

Okay, so you know where I said I was going to kick IVF’s a** this time, well the fight is on, me – 1, IVF – 1. I am getting really bad headaches from the lupron – I did for IVF#1 but not for IVF#2, weird, right? Also, it is time for me to cut down on my caffeine 😦 😦 I quit completely weeks and weeks prior to IVF#1, limited myself to under 2 cups a day for IVF#2 and I think I will cut it out completely this time – what have all of you done?

We are going to be traveling for my DH’s friend’s services and funeral this weekend. I just want to be there to support DH – I will be setting up an office at the hotel – I am getting CRUSHED at work – lucky for me, the work is enjoyable. We had a meeting to go to with our client at his adversary’s office this morning – as usual, I was the only woman. I have gotten more comfortable with it – I pretty much have to be an uber-bit** or else I get harassed, not taken seriously or ignored. Today’s meeting was a success – the other guy kept trying to bait my client but lucky for us, my client did not respond in kind.




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21 11 2008

Lisa – thanks for stopping by my blog. I am adding you to my list as well and look forward to following your story!

I am not so much a coffee girl – but I do love my couple of cups of tea a day. I usually cut it down to one cup in the morning and that’s it. My RE said it was ok.

I’m sorry about your DH’s friend. Take care.

22 11 2008

Ahh… love the smell of coffee but don’t drink much of it! So for IVF#1, I completely cut back when I was on stims and during the 2ww and I replaced it with white tea. For IVF#2… I reduced it to just 3/4 cup in the morning and if I needed a pick-me-up after lunch, I mix 3/4 decaf + 1/4 caff. I completely cut back on the espresso drinks and stuck to the light brews. Oh yeah… and my doc said that 1-2 cups a day should be fine.

BTW, 1-1 on the a-kicking sounds good… keep it up 🙂

22 11 2008

Hey there – I, too, am a coffee addict. I quit cold turkey a couple of weeks before stimming, and just nursed the inevitable withdrawal headaches with tylenol when they got too bad.

Though I’ll confess that on the 2 days during this IVF cycle when my eggs were in vitro, was to go to the coffee shop and just wallow in a cuppa.

Good luck. It’s worse than giving up wine…

22 11 2008

i would generally drink coffee up until a day or two before the retrival or transfer/IUI. i only have about a cup a day though.

i always found myself trying to remember things about when i got pregnant a few years ago. i think that i was drinking coffee then. it’s a little superstitious, but i just keep trying to recreate that time….

22 11 2008

I usually stop caffiene cold turkey a day or 2 before stims. It restricts blood flow to the uterus, which makes it hard for the lining to get nice and plump for implantation.

I do herbal teas (nothing crazy, just fruity ones b/c herbs can be bad too) for my “something warm” and water the rest of the time.

Sean just about killed me last night with his white mocha from starbucks last night – I was savoring the scent. Mmmm!!!

22 11 2008

I love coffee, but I’ve slowly weaned myself off it. Now I just drink decaf.

I still sometimes indulge in a or chai though. The sweet, sweet taste of cok.e. Who could give that up completely?

So sorry to hear about your headaches that makes everything so much harder!

24 11 2008
Maria (MKC101103)

I cut out all caffeine, except that in chocolate. That is one substance I just can’t avoid 🙂

24 11 2008
Mo and Will

hey lisa

i cut out caffeine entirely. figured i would if i were pregnant anyway. that’s my general rule, btw. if i wouldn’t do it when i’m pregnant, i just cut it out now (except sushi : ). so no alcohol, no caffeine, and lots of extra folic acid for me.

sorry about your lupron headache and also about your dh’s friend.


25 11 2008

Lisa…. I just wanted to leave you a note thanking you for all the well wishes during the last couple of days. We really appreciate it! ((HUGS))
Hope you have found a solution for those headaches by now.

25 11 2008

I also had headaches at the start of my Lupron, but two tylenol extra strenght took care of that once and then, they didn’t come back. I had other horrible side effects though, which are finally going away.
We are surely cycling together. I start stims on the 27. 🙂
Oh, for the caffeine, I quit coffee back in February, and once in a while, when I just need it too bad, I get decaf. You can totally try blending regular coffee and decaf for a while.

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