Oh the Places You Will Inject

26 11 2008

We got back from the funeral last night – I want to complain about how tired I am and how I do not want to drive 40 minutes out of the way for my date with the ultrasound wand but after seeing this 28 year old widow for three days, I find it pretty hard to complain about anything. I am so glad I went with DH – I am going to start calling him Mr. M – I loved being his support. I feel so bad for her – we go back to our lives and her life is shattered – she has a 2 yr old son and I just hurt for her.

So, the lupron headache continues – I have tried aspirin, excedrin, tylenol but it is a tenacious bast**d. I will be reducing my dose on Friday when I start stims so hopefully it will relent. After Friday, no more choice of drugs – it will be solely ES tylenol.

I have been breaking the chains of IVF – last time, I would not have gone with Mr. M because of the shots – but – this time, I injected in the Barnes and Noble bathroom, the bathroom at the funeral home and in the car on the way home on the turnpike. I am getting a lot more bruising from it this time – who cares, I feel free!!!

I have my baseline today – it is a bit early – I am usually on lupron a day or two longer but due to the holidays, it is a few days early.

Happy Turkey Day everybody – THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT.




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26 11 2008

you know you’re a pro when you are injecting yourself in strange places. now, just wait, you’re going to be able to inject yourself in public without anyone knowing. i have injected myself in front of several people without them ever seeing πŸ™‚

happy thanksgiving!

26 11 2008

I can relate, while I haven’t been out and about doing my injections, I do wake up and instantly draw up my med (Lupron) and give it to myself in the kitchen, and sometimes everyone is searching for breakfast- they don’t even seem to notice anymore- just another shot- no big deal!

26 11 2008

Injecting yourself on a moving car… now that requires mad skills! πŸ™‚

I am sorry to hear that the headaches are still lingering. One thing my acupuncturist taught me as a do-it-yourself for relieving headaches is to press on a acupressure point in my hand. Pressing that point apparently also helps with blood flow to the uterus (hence helping with the lining). Here is a link to a video that demonstrates where this point is.
Look at the #2 option in the website. This really helped me when I was having bad headaches but wanted to avoid taking too much tylenol.

Hope this helps!
Happy Turkey Day to you too! πŸ™‚

27 11 2008

I’m sorry your headaches just won’t go away… I hope they get better on the next few days.
I haven’t been out and about with my injections, but I haven’t felt tied down yet either. So we’ll see. πŸ˜‰
Happy Thanksgiving!

27 11 2008

oh, and yes, this is my first IVF.

28 11 2008

Hey Lisa,
I’m impressed! Sounds like things are progressing well this cycle.

29 11 2008

Good for you!! I injected at a birthday party last month. At first, I wanted to stay home, but then thought, I can’t stop my life for this…..

I’m so sorry about your headaches. That’s the worst. Have you tried sipping a Co.ke? I find they are magical, but it has to be a straight up, serious Co.ke. It can’t be diet and no fancy extra flavors.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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