Stims Day 4 – Blech – e2 Obsession

1 12 2008

My e2 level today was 277 – they did not check follies. I was really upset at first – my e2 level on day 4 last time was 837. So of course, I was thinking that this cycle is doomed, etc. etc. but then I thought that slower may be better – I will stim all week and trigger on Sunday – so I am trying to calm myself down. The whole point of this cycle is to get more eggs – due to male factor, we need all of the % we can get with our embies. I am blaming myself – I have been drinking caffeine – although I did last time a little bit too, I am not doing acupuncture this time and I started a new vitamin with DHA.

It was weird – my baseline e2 was only 25 this time and it was 75….this is my third IVF this year – am I becoming desensitized to the meds????

So if anyone has any input as to the fluctuations in e2 cycle to cycle, I would love to hear from you.

I am going in again tomorrow for another e2 check and an ultrasound.




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1 12 2008

Ok, Here’s the thing…

Stop Obsessing!

You are paying a lot of people good money to obsess about your numbers. Don’t ask. Let them tell you what you need to do, but don’t obsess about the numbers. It won’t change anything, except to cause you more stress.

Now, I know that’s ridiculous and impossible advice, but after 11 cycles, my last two were so much easier because I stopped asking and let them tell me what I needed to know.

Thinking of you!

1 12 2008

😦 BOO to labs. i do the same thing. i think it’s best not to obsess over it.

you need a distraction 🙂

2 12 2008

I wonder the same thing about getting de-sensitized. I really don’t know the answer, but it is curious.

Try to trust in the drs, ask ?s when you have them and don’t worry too much about the caffeine 😉

2 12 2008

I don’t have any useful info regarding cycle-to-cycle variation. But I know one thing for sure… slower stimming is much better. More eggs that are more mature.

Did you try asking the docs abt the desensitization to the meds? That is very interesting. I didn’t think that was possible but worth asking them.

2 12 2008
Maria (MKC101103)

I agree with everyone else…don’t obsess. Different protocols will yield different results. And since the last IVF didn’t work, you don’t want the same results…right!?!? Slow and steady wins the IVF race so as long as your RE/nurses say everything is going well, trust in them. I stopped getting my blood work results so I wouldn’t freak out over what seemed to be bad numbers. And I really tried not to compare one cycle to the others, as hard as that is.

As April said, you need a good distraction. How about some holiday shopping, baking or decorating this week??

2 12 2008

I think levels can vary from cycle to cycle and from protocol to protocol.

You are in good hands – your doctors have you all set up like a lab, right – so they can tweak whatever they need to!

Good luck to you!!

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