IVF#3 is a Bust

2 12 2008

Well, my instincts yesterday were correct. I responded to the drugs exactly the way I did for the first IVF, which produced three eggs. My e2 only went up to 392 from 277, my lining was 10 and I had the following follicles: Left – 12mm, 10mm and 6 less than 10mm; Right – 19mm, 18mm, 16mm, 13mm and 5 less than 10mm.

My nurse, Nurse D, said that I was stimming faster than they anticipated and that they tried to call Mr. M’s doctor to do the PESA this week so they could do the retrieval this week. Mr. M’s doc was out of town and they wanted me to stay on my meds and come in for an ultrasound and blood work on Thursday to see if the smaller ones would catch up, even though we would “lose” the bigger ones. This was on recommendations from the other doctor at my RE’s office, and I feel that she jacked up my first cycle while my RE was out. I asked Nurse D to check and see if it was possible that they could get at least nine eggs like they did for IVF#2 and that if not, I thought it was better to cancel this cycle and regroup. My follicles have never all contained an egg – last time I had eleven large follicles and nine eggs. Nurse D checked with my RE, who was not in the office but was tracked down, and she did not think this cycle would produce an appropriate amount of eggs and she 100% agreed that we should cancel the cycle and “regroup”. I felt this way about IVF#1 but I listened to their advice and did not speak up or advocate for myself. I am so relieved that I did not do the same thing this time. I told Nurse D that I would like the RE to really think about a different protocol and she said that they already discussed that. They do not have an answer as to why I responded so well the second time and overstimmed for #1 and #3 – they said it just happens but maybe they will come up with a solution. In the meantime, I am going to submit my information to CCRM and try to have a phone consult with them.

So I have to take Provera for ten days and wait for the mother of all periods. My RE is supposed to get back to me next week with their plan – retrievals start again the week of January 18. I am so, so grateful that this did not turn into a great big mess where I would beat myself up for not canceling. I am going to try and lose some weight – Nurse D said that I did not need to for IVF purposes – but I told her I needed to for clothes-fitting purposes! I also asked her about the caffeine and she said that all of the literature says that one cup a day is more than acceptable but that if I could cut it out completely, I should. So I will try to do that as well. On to IVF#4 sometime in January – maybe here, maybe at CCRM if I do not feel my RE is confident in a revised protocol.




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2 12 2008

Lisa – I agree – you have to advocate for yourself!

So – if you end up doing IVF in Jan in CCRM, we may run into each other! How cool would that be!

Good luck with the provera and the mother of all periods – that does not sound like fun at all!

Hugs to you – and sorry about IVF 3.

2 12 2008
Mo and Will


I’m so sorry to hear that IVF #3 is a bust – but way to go advocating for yourself. CCRM sounds like a great way to go to – in terms of getting more information about what you might want to try differently. Know that there are a lot of us out here in cyberspace supporting you and sending positive thoughts.


3 12 2008

Shitfuckdamn!!!! I am so sorry. This sucks!!!

I called CCRM today and spoke to Linda about a phone consult and she was more than helpful. It depends on what state you live in if your consult is free or not. There are openings in late Dec and early Jan for phone consults. I know 2 girls that cycled there and did their phone consult with Dr. Schoolcraft – he is CCRM’s wizard, guru dr.
Maybe we’ll be heading out together for numero cuatro!

3 12 2008


Sorry about having to cancel #3. But sounds like you made the right call. Glad to hear that you are looking into CCRM. I have heard lots of success stories coming out of that clinic. Sending you positive vibes.

3 12 2008

blah! that sucks…but good for you with not wasting time/energy/money on a cycle that wouldn’t have good results. seems like they should change your protocol some though.

i think CCRM is our next step, too, if this doesn’t work 🙂


3 12 2008

I’m so sorry you had to cancel, but so glad you were empowered enough to do so when you know it’s the right thing.

Hang in there. It sounds like you have a good game plan in place.

3 12 2008

Way to follow your instincts. It totally sucks though. I think it’s great that you are going to focus on yourself by getting healthy. It will be a great way to regroup physically and mentally. Then you’ll be ready to really kick some *ss.

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