Mr. M Turns into a Tomato

6 12 2008

So I am still in a very good mood – but I have had some WILD mood swings. This Provera is something else – AF is not here yet but probably will not be until after I stop the Provera. I have heard about side effects that include crazy dreams. Last night I had a dream that Mr. M turned into a pile of vegetables – mostly tomatoes – and was speaking to me through a big plum tomato. I was really scared and was trying to save him but while I was holding him (the tomato, I mean), the skin split on the tomato and he could not talk after that. An old woman then gave me sugar water to pour on the tomato to give him strength to talk. Wow.

So I have to say, I feel really good about not doing anything IVF related right now – it is really exhausting. I am really busy at work and I am loving the projects, the holidays are approaching and we are probably going to be selling and buying a house in the next month. My plan is to start IVF#4 either after our sale of our house craters or after we are moved into our new house. That is just too much stress to add an IVF cycle on top of it. It feels so nice not to be doing shots, etc., etc.




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6 12 2008

i love the provera dreams. they are soooo bizarre. i like to look up meanings for them. it’s so funny!

being on a break is only good if you know that you will be starting again soon…otherwise i end up feeling kind of desperate. 🙂

it will be nice not to do shots/etc over the holidays, tho.

6 12 2008

strange dream!!

glad you are feeling better. yesterday was the 1st time i felt like myself in a few weeks.

have a good weekend!!

6 12 2008

Don’t you love those random dreams? What did Mr M have to say about being converted into a tomato? 🙂

Glad you are able to enjoy your IVF break. I’m also looking forward to resuming “normal” life, one way or another soon!

6 12 2008

That is one strange dream… LOL. Love the part where he couldn’t talk because the skin split!
Dealing with real estate worries alone is enough to stress one out. It was wise not to add IVF on top of that.
Have a good weekend.

6 12 2008

good thing that you are taking the time to get your normal life in order and enjoying it. 🙂
this was a really crazy dream… looks like provera has allucinogenic qualities that reveal themselves at night… LOL

6 12 2008

Hey Lisa, how weird about the dream! Kinda funny, but somehow disturbing too, huh?

Hope all the house stuff goes well! We’ve had all of that going on this year too.

6 12 2008
Mo and Will

Wow! Crazy dreams! Thanks for sharing. Glad you’re feeling ok about being on a break. Take good care of yourself over the holidays and save up your stamina for the next try.

8 12 2008

Gotta love the meds, huh?

Just found your blog, and wanted to drop by and say “hi”! SO excited for you to talk w/ CCRM!!!! I was in your shoes this time last year, and it *sucked*. The 1 day of testing we did right before Xmas, such timing! They work miracles…

8 12 2008

fyi, I tagged you for a silly little random facts thing. no pressure. feel free to play if you like 🙂

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