Floating Away; I’ve Been Tagged

8 12 2008

Well, the Provera is beginning to do its evil deeds. I am so swollen – my eyes are puffy, my feet hurt, my love handles have tripled in size. No AF yet – I am assuming it will happen a day or two after my last pill, which is Thursday. I do not know if I can take it for four more days!!!! I feel like I am going to float away – like I am a giant, fat parade float.

April has tagged me – I have never been tagged to list seven random thoughts about myself, so here goes:

Rules:1. Link to the person who tagged you.2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about you.3. Tag 7 random people at the end, and include links to their blogs.

1) I hate clutter – my house looks like we either just moved in or we are moving out – I do not have anything hanging on the walls, no end tables, no knick-knacks.

2) I am lazy when it comes to doing my hair – I basically shower, mousse it and dry it on low for about 5 minutes – I could probably look better but I just think it is a waste of time.

3) I love getting manicures.

4) I read really, really fast – I read about 30 books in a 3-4 week period when I was trying to not get horribly depressed after loss #2.

5) My high school was K-12 and I graduated with 76 people.

6) I worked full time and went to law school full time – I barely maintained personal hygiene I was so busy and tired – people from law school barely recognize me.

7) I love tweezing, picking and grooming Mr. M – he hates it and barely lets me do it.

Thanks April – that was fun! So I tag: Nancy, Niki, Emily, Maria, Kirke, Mo and Clio. Truly, I tag all of the blogs I follow these women have given me so much support – I really could not be doing as well as I am without their sharing, their stories and their inspiration – thank you all.

These women have been supportive of me – but no pressure to do this – my sister Betsy (she reads this) will be mad because I NEVER do complete these sorts of lists that she sends me…well, that is not true, I think I did one.




5 responses

8 12 2008

🙂 I hate clutter, too….but B doesn’t mind it. Keeping up with his clutter is like a full time job!

(and who doesn’t love a good mani? i would get them weekly if i could. i wash my hands so frequently, though, that they usually only last 2 days!!)

fyi: i generally didn’t start my period until about 5-7 days after stopping the provera. i know it sucks!

8 12 2008

lol, I also LOVE to groom my DH. We are working on him letting me clip his toe nails. I know, I’m crazy!

8 12 2008

I don’t like knick-knacks either and wish I could say I hate clutter, but my house is a mess.

I keep telling my hubby that we are going to end up on the news one of these days as a trash house.

Thanks for tagging me!

8 12 2008

Thanks for the sweet words and the tag! I love these – you truly do learn something new about people. I will do mine tomorrow.

I hope AF arrives ASAP!

9 12 2008

thanks for the tag 🙂
I’ll work on it later…
thank you for your kind words. I feel truly blessed to have found such amazing women here as well. You are one of them too. 🙂
I also can’t stand clutter…

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