Whirlwind; Call with RE

10 12 2008

The last two days have been a crazy whirlwind. Thanks to all you ladies that posted the tag – you are some amazing women!

1) My call with my RE was today. She said she thinks my response this time was “aberrant” and that she is going to lower my lupron and increase my gonal f for next time. I asked her about the first time – my response was the same as this #3 and she could not give me a reason. She said that I look great on paper but that responses can vary. So not overly informative and really making me think we should skip another cycle there and go straight to CCRM – at this point I will incur sick amounts of debt to speed the process up. I am getting tired and so is Mr. M – plus he says he is getting too old (he will be 51 in March). Sigh. I did get all of my paperwork into CCRM and I am on the cancellation list to have a call sooner than my appointed time on Jan. 6. I told my RE that if I did cycle again, I could not do it until February or March due to #2 below. So now I let this “period” run its course and call them with my next one in January.

I saw this article on infertility and marriage and thought I would post it http://lifestyle.msn.com/relationships/articlerb.aspx?cp-documentid=14163246&GT1=32023

2) We ended up getting not one (with the same people who have been making our lives hell be negotiating an agreement for 2.5 months) but two offers on our house. They had to do a mini bidding war and the second people won! It was so cool and now I have to get an agreement together to buy the house that I want. Hopefully it does not fall through.

3) Provera update – MY CRAMPS ARE ALMOST NON-EXISTENT!!! All that fear and now it is just mild cramping. I have one more pill to take but you know what – I say screw you IVF#3, I am done with you – I am not going to take that last pill. I was such a b**** to my real estate agent a few days ago, I almost did not recognize myself.




5 responses

11 12 2008

Yay for a bidding war! I thought that was as hard to come across as unicorns in today’s economy.

11 12 2008

wahoo! so glad you sold your house!! that is great news!

the provera DOES make you crazy, that is for sure 😉

wonder what CCRM will say?

11 12 2008
Mo and Will

Thanks for sharing the article. And congrats on your house! Sorry you didn’t get more info from the RE on what went on with your cycle. Sounds like getting a fresh pair of eyes on the case might be just the thing. Am hoping for a cancellation so you can get more info soon.


11 12 2008

Hey Lisa, glad to hear about the offers on the house and the cramps going away! I hope you CCRM ends up being a better place for you.

11 12 2008

Great job on the house! Woohooo!!

Yay that the cramps are gone too – soon this whole cycle will be behind on! On to better things!

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