11 12 2008

Cannot post much, have massive head cold/sinus infection – must take to bed immediately. But I had to share the good news – my call with Dr. Schoolcraft at CCRM was moved up to TOMORROW since there was a cancellation and all of my stuff was in. I will update the results tomorrow! I am calling my next cycle IVF3.5 I guess I am denial that I am starting on #4 and since #3 sputtered out, I am going with IVF3.5.




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11 12 2008

That’s awesome! Keep all your questions ready. Dr Sch isn’t the talkative kinds, so ask as much as you need.

But – if you’ve seen my recent posts, I love the guy 🙂

Good luck tomorrow!

And get well soon from your cold / sinus. Some honey lemon /ginger tea may help soothe you.

11 12 2008

he is supposed to be amazing. even my RE spoke very highly of him and recommened me seeing him if things don’t work out with her 😉

so excited to hear what he has to say.

feel better. get some rest

11 12 2008
Mo and Will

Yay! Keep us updated!

And feel better soon!

11 12 2008

Yay, what great news! I can’t wait to hear what Dr. Schoolkraft has to say! I think IVF #3.5 sounds perfectly fitting! Take care of your cold and update us after your consult! Healing vibes are coming your way!

11 12 2008

Hey Lisa, that’s good news that they moved your call up. Hope it goes well and you’re feeling better. Amy

11 12 2008

Oooh goody! Very exciting. Ditto to what Nikki said – I have heard he is not exactly mr. personality and tends to cause anxiety in some cases, but just go in knowing that and you’ll be fine. Can’t wait for the update!!!

Feel better

12 12 2008

Oh that’s good news. I can’t wait to hear how the appt goes. Good luck!

12 12 2008

great news on the house offer. Good luck on the one you want.
I hope you feel better and that everything goes well.

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