Sadness and Wii Arm

21 12 2008

I have been so busy at work and with our house stuff (selling and buying) that I have not had time to process very many emotions about where I am. Mr. M and I went shopping yesterday morning – see below – and we stopped to eat breakfast at a restaurant. We were sitting and waiting for a table and I looked up and saw a woman in her late thirties and she was about 6 or 7 months pregnant (she was beautiful and I did feel a surge of happiness for her). I almost started crying and I am crying now. It made me so sad to think about Baby P – my first pregnancy – and the fact that I would be huge right now and due on January 30. I am okay – I am glad that I continue to feel while still living a productive life but it really, really hurts right now.

Also, my right arm is about to fall off. I bought the Wii game system yesterday morning – I thought it was something we could do together – me, Mr. M and his son MP – he is 19. They were not that excited about it and Mr. M hated that I spent the money – but let me tell you, they played the entire time I had to work! Blech – I did have to go in for about 9 hours yesterday…) We played when I got home and my freaking arm feels like dead weight – I can barely lift it – I am so out of shape.

I am thinking of all of you and I hope that you will find peace over the holidays.




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21 12 2008

Hey Lisa,
I don’t know if you feel this way, but the holidays are making things a little more raw for me. So much of the joy of Christmas is seen through children and we expected to be somewhere very different right now. Thinking of you….

Have fun with the wii! My hubby keeps threatening me that my Christmas present is a wii. We’ll get one someday!

21 12 2008

the wii is fun….get rockband. 🙂 you feel like a rockstar and like you have musical skills. it is a nice escape from reality. or at least it is for me.


21 12 2008

I hate those random rushes of emotions that occur at seeing perfect strangers and their family. It happens to me often these days.

I so want a Wii. We are thinking of getting one with my xmas bonus.

Thinking of you during the holidays and always!

21 12 2008

emotions have the talent for catching us so off guard, don’t they?
I am sorry it’s hurting so much now.
I hope the wii offers some good distraction from the sad feelings.

21 12 2008

I was just reading an article which talks about sports injuries happening to Wii users! Here’s a link:

Play safely! 🙂

Sorry that you got blindsided by your emotions like that. The holidays are specially tough, and I wish you strength to cope.

21 12 2008

I’m so sorry you are having to deal with these emotions, but the holidays make everything worse, imo. I’ll be thinking of you this holiday season.

Enjoy the wii! Everyone I know that has one loves it!!

22 12 2008

I so want a Wii…mostly for the Wii Fit, but I am trying to hold out and save my pennies for shiny needles and fertility drugs 🙂

Seeing random pg women always makes me sad. For some reason, I am fine with people I know….it’s the strangers that cause me to tear up.

23 12 2008

Lisa – I nominated you for a blog award. Details on my blog 😉

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