Award, Addictions and Mood Swings

23 12 2008

Nikki has nominated me for an award – I am so touched – it is my very first blog award!!!! Before I get to that, let me just say my mood swings have been crazy….I am off of caffeine, no hormones, no cold medicine – I started crying again today when I thought of my Baby P – it was during an email with a friend of mine who is due on April 30 and after I talked to another friend who just had a miscarriage at 7 weeks….I went to that from happy in the morning and then later tonight I was really angry – I am really busy at work and I have not had time for any life stuff…at any rate, I am in a funk.

So thanks again Nikki – you are helping me get outside of myself and thinking about fun stuff. The rules for this award are to list your 5 addictions and to pass the award on to 5 people.
1) I am addicted to caffeine – I was drinking two pots a day, quit a month before IVF#1 then limited myself to 3-4 cups a day. Even though I am not drinking it (okay, I did cheat today after lunch) I think about it often and really miss it!!!!
2) Work – if I am working on a cool project, I lose myself in it. I had a real awakening last year when I was working 7 days a week at least 14 hours a day for a stretch – I have cut way back.
3) Mail – I love going through and looking at the mail we get everyday – I have no idea why, it is mostly junk mail.
4) 24 – I heart Jack Bauer – say no more.
5) Iron Chef America.
The five women I am nominating are: Sprog, Emily, Andrea – one of my favorite blog titles!, mylifechronicles and Mel.
Happy Holidays everyone!



3 responses

23 12 2008

Sorry you’re in a funk Lisa, and glad I could help you get away, if only for a few moments.

I get you on the work thing – I can be totally addicted too!

Happy Holidays to you too!

24 12 2008

Hey Lisa, I totally know what you mean about the mail. And it is usually sooooo disappointing! Glad that was able to brighten your mood a bit.

24 12 2008

i have been addicted to mail since i was a little kid. my sisters and i used to fight over who got to get it out of the mailbox. we used to trick my youngest sister into checking on sunday. we thought that was just the funniest! 🙂 now it is mostly junk. every now and again i get something fun. i miss good mail, though!

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