#3.5 Coming Soon to a Uterus Near You

7 01 2009

We have decided to move our next cycle up to – well – now.  The sale of our house keeps getting pushed waiting for some inspection stuff and the buyer’s financing. Therefore, the purchase of our new home is getting pushed off too.  I am pretty slow at work and will be until probably March.  I am due to get AF any day now – hopefully she will make an appearance when she is supposed to.  The timing just seems right – it feels right.  I called my clinic today (I am going to stay here rather than go to CCRM for now – both docs said the same thing about a more aggressive protocol and I still have a little insurance coverage left that does not extend to CCRM) and they said to call with day 1 and we will set it all up.  I am not sure what the exact protocol is going to be – less lupron and more stims is all I know.

I want to do some things differently this time – I am going to get some massages – I am not going to do acupuncture.  Also, I would like to try meditation – have any of you tried it – did you like it, did you use a book, a CD – any information would be helpful.

Sprog’s post the other day reminded me of another priority – taking care of Mr. M.  He really loves me – he tries to take care of my every emotional need in any way he can.  I need to start making sure he feels safe and happy too.  

So, here we go again – I am really, really excited – but the excitement is tinged with realism – not cynicism – I am trying, as a friend of mine put it today, to keep a really positive mind-body connection going.



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7 01 2009

I don’t know about you, but I’m always excited to get started. (And I think I know that much about you – you’re excited too!)

Yay on getting to start with your next AF. So did you decide not to go to CCRM right now?

Someone gave me a CD for meditation (or well, stress relief actually) by Emmett Miller MD and Steven Halpern. I haven’t really tried it a lot, but some of my friends swear by it.

Yes, very important to keep a positive mind body connection.

Good luck!! Can’t wait for your updates!

8 01 2009

Lisa, good luck with this coming cycle! It’s such a good feeling to decide to get started again, isn’t it? In terms of meditation, I use the Anji Online CDs which I think are really good. I’m looking forward to following your progress. Thanks for reading my blog and for your nice comment!

8 01 2009

Oh… I am so excited for you. I love new beginnings. I have no input on the meditation. I did Acu for IVF#1 but didn’t feel like it was worth it. Instead, I got a massage before my ET for my IVF#2-FET (my BFP cycle). I can’t say for sure if the massage actually made the diff but it was one thing I did different.

8 01 2009

Lisa-Just wanted to wish you lots of luck for this upcoming cycle! Glad you’re keeping a positive spirit!

8 01 2009

This is exciting news!!!! I totally hear you on not going to CCRM at this point – I feel like they are my absolute last resort – my acde in the hole in nothing else works. I am glad you had the consult though.

I downloaded an IVF meditation from
http://www.anjionline.com/ that I heard about from other bloggers. I enjoyed it.


8 01 2009

the fact that it feels right is a great indication.
Good to see you with this positive body-mind connection going on!
Great that you still have some insurance left.
I decide to do it again, I’m skipping acupuncture too.
Good luck!

8 01 2009

Lisa, I’m super excited for you! It sounds like the stars are aligning and all signs point to this cycle!

I think the massages are a great idea–anything to help us relax during IVF is helpful in my opinion! I also used an IVF meditation CD in all of my cycles and found it to be calming for me. The one I used is called Imagery and Meditations to support In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), which is the same one that JJ recommended, and you can purchase it at http://store.anjionline.com/-strse-2/%3Ci%3E(IF03)%3C-fdsh-i%3E-Imagery-and-Meditations/Detail.bok.

Thank you SO MUCH for watching Myles’s tribute video again–it means a lot to me to hear that others are still thinking of my sweet Myles and watching his video! I also appreciate your compliments! ((HUGS))

8 01 2009

Oh, I’m glad you’re getting ready to cycle again! I know I always feel better with a distinct plan in place. And it sounds like we’ll be on similar protocols, and maybe just a few weeks apart. Yay! Keep us posted!

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