Pav.lov’s Dogs and AF

11 01 2009

Yes, AF decided to come today – I screamed, “yes, I got my period” and Mr. M, tentatively, since fear has come to be a sort of pavlonian response to periods at my house, asked “is that good?” and I was like, “YES, YES, YES”.  It is definitely the best mood I have been as far as AF moods go.

So I will call tomorrow and hopefully get this show on the road – I will try to get my nurse to fax me my protocol and I will post it tomorrow.



4 responses

11 01 2009

Isn’t it cute how our DH’s have learnt to be completely measured around us? They will test waters before they show any reaction, because the same event could mean totally opposite things! AF at the beginning of a treatment cycle vs. AF at the end of a treatment cycle – what a huge difference!

11 01 2009

Yay for a good visit from AF! Too funny about your dh!

11 01 2009

i know! isn’t our love/hate relationship with AF silly?

12 01 2009

it’s such a great and rare feeling to celebrate and dance when we get our period. Enjoy!

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