The Best Laid Plans; The IVF Bug

13 01 2009

We had one final issue to clear up on selling our house – we cleared that up today, yay!!! So the sale is on like Don.key Kon.g!!!  That means I have to get my behind in gear, get our new house inspected and get a mortgage lined up.  I would like to close on or before February 15 – we thought it was going to be March but it looks like it will be sooner – yay for house stuff, boo for IVF#3.5………my nurse called me today – the retrieval would be around February 15 because they start all of their cycles with bcp’s. For you IVFr’s – do your clinics do that too?

I would love to shoehorn a cycle in all of the house madness because now I have the IVF bug – I got that hope, that burning, all consuming hope that this could be it, this could be the cycle that results in a baby AND I WANT IT NOW.

So, I am going against my usual impulsive, instant gratification self and taking a deep breath and allowing myself to wait until the first week of March for a retrieval – it may even be April because my clinic closes for three weeks in March for quality control…

So I will try to lose a few pounds, sell our house, buy another one, get massages and meditate………..I will be patient………………I will be at peace………………I will do this gracefully……………..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH



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13 01 2009

Hi there,
I totally understand about the waiting! I think that my ER will be in early April too. I am also trying to be patient.

I have found meditating good but quite hard. I stare at a candle for about 10 minutes a day and try not to think about anything else.

I am also planning a few weekends away with DH before starting IVF. I just got back from 5 nights away with DH and our friends. We had such a great time that I hardly had a chance to think about IVF.

I’ll be reading your blog..We can keep each other sane!

13 01 2009

Aaaaah – more waiting???? But like we’ve all learnt, it’s best to be most calm while doing IVF (yes, I am saying that – the queen of being stressed out the whole time this cycle!!)

Yay on your house closing! I’m sure you’re jubilant!

Good luck!

13 01 2009

Good luck on selling the house, and fwiw, I totally understand about putting the IVF on hold for a month or so. It will be here before you know it!

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