Amazing Times; Gratitude

19 01 2009

I just wanted to take a minute to pay respects to the memory and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.  Today is an amazing way to bring in tomorrow – the inauguration of Bar.ack Obam.a.  Regardless of your political views, tomorrow will be an amazing, breathtaking moment in time, one that I am happy to be witness to.  I have always been proud to be an American and I am very proud of what our country came together to do. 

We went to see Def.iance tonight as well.  What an amazing story but I was so sickened at the thought of what happened to human beings during that time and what happens to human beings at the hands of sick, evil people.

On that note, I can put away all of my (sometimes petty, sometimes serious, sometimes happy) issues and be grateful for what I have and be exquisitely happy to be around for tomorrow.



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19 01 2009

I hear you! Tomorrow is going to be a new day, and the start of a fresh new era. The whole country (and world) is abuzz with anticipation – there’s so much excitement in the air!!

19 01 2009

Yeah – what you said! It’s going to be a good day tomorrow, and woe be to anyone who keeps me from watching streaming video at work!

19 01 2009

Yes-tomorrow does a fresh feeling to it all, doesn’t it? I truly hope so…good luck with your upcoming cycle!!

19 01 2009

thanks for your post. It just reminded me that indeed I have a wonderful reason to be truly happy. To witness this historical moment is a blessing.

19 01 2009

I am so excited about Obama too. It is great to have something positive to focus on.

20 01 2009

Thanks for your comment Lisa. I am watching a documentary on Obama and it is a good distraction (and no babies are in it!)

20 01 2009

Tomorrow is going to be huge! I wish I could just stay home and watch it all day….

21 01 2009

Lisa, I’m with you girl! I heard that movie was good, so I’ll have to check it out. Today I felt proud to call myself an American!

I would be honored for you to post a blog about Myles. You are such a kind, compassionate woman! Your continued support means the world to me! ((HUGS))

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