Uncontrollable Moodiness

28 01 2009

I have been soooooo moody – I think it is the new bcps I am on to gear up for #3.5. That plus I am eating my way into obesity has made me mean, nasty and foul all week. I stop the bcps today, start again on the 2nd and start micro.dose lupron on the 25th. Plus I am packing up my house to get ready to move on the 12th. My mother and older sister are coming to help me this weekend for which I so so happy!

I felt like an ungrateful wretch yesterday – I helped a few attor.neys from my firm yesterday with one of our pro bon.o projects – getting pro.tection from abu.se orders for women yesterday morning. I worked with two women – one that I do not think was competent and one that had been a soc.ial wor.ker that had slipped in to drug and alcohol abuse – and they both had abusers for boyfriends. The first woman almost seemed disappointed that they were not bringing her boyfriend up from the jail and wants to reconcile with him because she knows he will learn his lesson…so sad, that never really happens and I hope that she remains safe…the other woman truly wants to be rid of this man but we had to continue that case since he was not served.

My firm is a large corporate firm and my normal clients have more assets that I can imagine, I wear suits most days and never leave my office. I am not going to pretend that I am completely selfless and that I do pro bo.no work all the time – I do not do enough of it and I felt like some tourist during the proceedings yesterday. The bottom line is that I hope that I helped these two women, even for just a short time.




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28 01 2009

if you do anything, that is what counts. sure, we could all do more, right? but you can only do what you can do…

28 01 2009

Your moodiness is normal, even if it does suck!

Thanks for doing what you did. Every bit counts, and right now there is a lot on your plate. Just taking care of you and our family is enough!

I don’t say a lot, but I am following you and listening, and hoping and praying.

28 01 2009

I was in the middle of a move for #2 and it really ramped up the stress level, but kept my mind off the cycle a little bit.

GL with everything!!

You should be so proud of the work you did with/for those women. My cousin was held prisoner and almost beaten to death by a boyfriend and because of people like you to help her, she was able to get the courage to put him away…

ps – word verification was “belevize” – i like it believe!

29 01 2009

Sorry to hear that you have been feeling moody. It sounds as though you are really busy right now. I hope that your mother and sister can do some hard core packing for you.

And good on you for working for the two women. I am sure that they appreciated your time.

29 01 2009

I’m jealous that you are moving. I know there is a ton of stress that comes with it, but I love having new surroundings. Makes every day a little more interesting.

I think the work you did for those women is amazing. Every little bit helps!

29 01 2009

I’m sure you helped those women. Every little bit counts.

And the moodiness is all normal – you have a lot going on! Good luck with the move, enjoy time with your mom and sis, and good luck with cycle 3.5!

29 01 2009

sorry you are so moody.
good luck with your move and your cycle!

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