Go Niki!!!; Insomnia

4 02 2009

First, go congratulate Niki she (and K) got a VFP today!  Keep them in your thoughts!!

I cannot sleep – I am like a ball of stress thinking about moving, house is 1/2 packed, movers, what to do with the dogs, where am I going to put my cat’s litter box, will the new refrigerator and stove fit in the kitchen, how in the hell am I going to fit all my shit into a house that is 1/2 the size of what I am living in now, underwriter not happy with appraisal of new house (value is good, does not like the comps), may postpone closing, need to polyurethane my floors, need to go to clinic tomorrow morning for viral blood work (what??? I did this three other f-ing times, pretty sure me and Mr. M are not going to pick up H.IV or her.pes in between cycles but I guess they have to be sure), lease amendment at work I am not happy with, etc. etc. etc.  I feel better already by just typing this but I also feel like a mad woman!

Sere.nity now!!!  I actually took a one hours spin class last night, did yoga this morning and got a massage at 4.  What the hell would I be doing if I did not try all of those relaxation methods?  



7 responses

4 02 2009

Hi Lisa,
It’s great news about Niki isn’t it?
I hope that you are feeling nice and peaceful and can spoil yourself a bit.

4 02 2009

oh lisa. sounds like you are doing what you need to be able to relieve some stress 🙂 hang in there. it will be mostly over by the end of feb, right?

i miss spining. 😦

4 02 2009

Yay for Niki!!

You’re doing a great job of keeping everything together. You do have a lot going on, and you’re doing amazingly well.

Good luck!!

4 02 2009

oh my – you sound like you are in hyperspeed mode! breathe!

good luck with everything. spoil yourself a little!

4 02 2009

That whole thing about needing to have the b/w redone every 6 months is a hassle..not to mention right in between your move..

Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

4 02 2009

Thanks for your comment Lisa. I guess the IVF process is tough for everyone. Maybe we just need to cope with it in whatever way we can.

5 02 2009
Maria (MKC101103)

Yikes, that is so much going on in your head! Maybe you should treat yourself to a full body massage?!

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