Twins Born to Six.ty Year Old

7 02 2009

Check this link out – video

Whatever your position is on this – I have to say – it gave me mixed emotions – WTF a 60 year old can get and stay pregnant and deliver, albeit prematurely and I can’t??????  But it also gave me hope in a sick, twisted way that it could happen for me!



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7 02 2009

Seriously. 60.

I agree. It’s a mixed bag or emotions.

7 02 2009

What’s with these old Indian women? There was that 70 year old last year, and now this!! Being from India, I’m embarrassed!

7 02 2009

That is nuts!

Keep the faith. Hope packing is finishing up and all goes well with the move!

7 02 2009

It’s a strange story. I’m not sure whether to be happy for her or horrified.

7 02 2009

Is this the one who used her own daughters eggs?

I know 2 hours from where i live a 60 year old gave birth and really.. Great for mom and dad but what about those babies..

8 02 2009

oh for the love of all. wtf? this world plays sick tricks on the IF.

8 02 2009
Maria (MKC101103)

I guess you make a good point. But I seriously can’t imagine being 60 and doing the midnight feedings business!

9 02 2009

Between this and the crazy octuplet mother, what’s next in the world of infertility??

9 02 2009

Thanks for the blog name idea regarding keeping “Desperately.” Great idea. I’ve been having lots of trouble coming of with new names…maybe something like this could be cool. Appreciate your help!!

10 02 2009

OK… that is just absolutely nuts! Being a mother is more than just giving birth. Boohoo!

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