Poop in the Yard; Escapism

15 02 2009

I have escaped from the madness – I am at work and so, so happy. It has been crazy, crazy, crazy – we closed on both houses and moved into our new house on Thursday. Since then, my handyman has installed blinds incorrectly, new neighbor came over with four kids – one of which may have broken her finger on our door (although as a result of her older sister slamming it on her hand) and there is poop in the yard. Let me expound on the poop in the yard – this is so disgusting and foul but I have to vent – please do not read on if you are weak of stomach…on Saturday – was that only yesterday??? we had appliance deliveries (yay!) out the wazoo and the invisi.ble fence consultation…I was walking around the backyard with Kathleen – our friendly invisi.ble fence rep – when I come across what looks like a tampon – yes – and poo – I am in disbelief and I say to Kathleen – “is that a tampon?” – said waste was coming from a hole in the ground – let me back up by saying that my 19 year old stepson went to the bathroom in the ground floor powder room and the toilet backed up…needless to say, it looks as though the new house we moved into has some sewer issues – I want to call my agent, the seller’s agent, my inspector, the plumber who snaked two other drains that were slow and go the FU** off but I am trying to just be calm – we have someone coming Monday to look at it. The only good news out of this is that my home owner’s has se.wer and drain bac.kup insu.rance…which is good news because I could not sue the seller – I met her – she is about 80 and lives in a nursing home. All of it came to a head when Mr. M had the balls to pull out the stinky, old, nasty vacuum cleaner when we just bought a brand new Dy.son…I almost lost it and wanted to flip out and be like, why the FU** are you using that smelly vacuum cleaner – when I really wanted to say, “there are tampons and sh** in the backyard – go clean it the F*** up” I did not flip out on Mr. M and he did clean up the backyard. Finally the reason we are waiting for Monday is because Mr. M did not want to pay overtime for the plumbers….cal.gon, someone, take me away.

Still no Inter.net at home or cable…I am going to take my laptop to Pan.era tonight and catch up with everyone.




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15 02 2009

OMG … I’d be right with you girl and livid about everything. I think you are handling the tampons and poo in the yard quite well. I am glad that your dh took care of it for you. I look forward to seeing some Show and Tell pics of the new house once you get your internet back up and running. How’s the prep for IVF going? Hugs and positive vibes for nothing else to go wrong coming your way!

15 02 2009

um. interesting. nightmare. hopefully in a month you will look back, love your house, and be able to laugh about the whole thing. wonder if that 80 year old still uses tampons? ๐Ÿ˜‰

15 02 2009

NO!!! Do you have a septic system, b/c it sounds like a septic backup to me. I am so sorry you are going through this – more stress – YAY! Hang in there. Enjoy panera tonight and i hope everything falls into place ASAP!

15 02 2009

Gross. I would have to fight the urge to pack everything up and move out ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you love your new house (besides the poop).

15 02 2009

Eeewww – I would have flipped out! I hope it gets sorted out soon, and you can settle in and enjoy your house!

Hope the IVF cycle is progressing well!

15 02 2009

Hi Lisa,
That is so gross! Hope that you get your internet access back again soon!

16 02 2009

Oh holy lord!!! That is soo gross. and you are handling it extremely well. My god… I would have walked out the door and got the home inspector to clean it up. It was so nice of your DH to get it taken care of. Hope its not a big sewer backup trouble.
Sending you positive thoughts for your cycle. How are you doing otherwise?

16 02 2009

This is awful! I’m so sorry! At first, I thought you were talking about dog doo in the yard, but now it sounds like something very different. Ew. Sounds like a septic tank issue. I would escape to Panera as well til everything was cleaned up!

Hope things improve soon!

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