Mr. M is my Hero

16 02 2009

Poo disaster averted – thanks for the support!  We do have public sewer and there was a clog near a trap that was not capped…still really, really gross.  I called the sewer authority and they showed up like 1/2 hour after I called, ran a camera to check their lines, checked ours as a favor to Mr. M (everybody loves him) and the camera dislodged the clog.  It is fixed – Mr. M is getting a vented cap to put over the trap.  Yay, so happy and relieved.

I love my new house – lots smaller than my old one but cozier.  I feel like loads of pressure have been lifted off of me.  BTW, I am at Pan.era now eating a cinnamon crunch bagel with hazelnut cream cheese using their Internet – I left work early.   Heaven.

IVF update – I am still on bcp – I take my last one on the 22nd, start microdose lupron on the 23rd, I have an us and start stims on the 25th.  Retrieval scheduled for March 9.

I have to do a little work remotely…so I am signing off.



8 responses

16 02 2009

Umm, I wouldn’t call it crisis averted, more like crisis contained because, come on, there was still stranger poop in your yard! Either way, I’m glad that is taken care of…that is way better service than we ever get. Congrats on the new home! It is very exciting!

16 02 2009

Best of luck on your upcoming cycle.. hope the hormonal hell is not to hard on you ❤

16 02 2009

congratulations on the new house!
thanks goodness the poop situation was resolved…
GL on this new cycle!

16 02 2009

Congrats on the new house!

And now I want a bagel….

16 02 2009

those bagels are like dessert. i love them. glad that things are going a little better. i like my cozy house. who needs massive amounts of space? 😉

17 02 2009

Now I want a bagel!!! Everything bagel topped with veggie cream cheese… yummo.

Glad that the poop situation was taken care of fast! Enjoy your new home. 🙂

17 02 2009

Thank goodness for hubbies~! SO glad the sewer situation is fixed. Congrats on the new home! We have been so happy since we downsized.
Yumm- my fave bagel!

20 02 2009

Glad you got the problem figured it! And, congrats again on your new home.

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