23 02 2009

Yay – our internet is finally hooked up!  Although I am VERY disappointed with Veri.zon Fi.os.  They do not “fish” walls – so the guy DRILLED A HOLE IN MY HARDWOOD FLOORS AND STAPLED BLACK CABLE WIRE TO MY WHITE BASEBOARDS.  Now I have to hire a contractor to fix it all….sigh….enough about moving stress – you all know what that is like – I will move on to what is going on with 3.5.

I took my last bcp Sunday – I am starting microdose lupron on Wednesday, going in for my baseline U/S and blood work that day too and starting stims on Friday.  woo hoo! Mr. M’s PESA is scheduled for March 9 and my retrieval is scheduled that day too. I really, really, really hope this is the one, I am starting to get some IVF fatigue…

I have followed all of you during the last 12 days but I will be keeping up more!



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23 02 2009

Love the new pic! Gorgeous! Fios, fios, fios – always something. I was battling with them today.
Glad you are getting settled. House pics? Pretty please?
Time is going to fly this cycle! GL!

23 02 2009

Yea, I’m so glad you are getting settled in. I’ve missed you! Good luck with everything this week. All is crossed for you!

23 02 2009

Glad you’re back online! Missed having you around! 🙂

Good luck with this cycle, with Mr M’s PESA next week and with our u/s on Wed.

Can’t wait for your updates!

23 02 2009

So glad you’re back, so sorry that the cable company is living up to the reputation of cable companies everywhere.

And so glad to have someone doing a lpong Lupron protocol just a few weeks ahead of me. Woohoo, Cyclesista!

And that new photo on your front page is fantastic!

23 02 2009

Ahhhh…fatigue. I hear you.

I love your pic. It’s beautiful!!

23 02 2009

Hi Lisa,

I am glad that you are back again, and I also love your beautiful photo.

I hope that this IVF cycle is a great cycle!

23 02 2009

Lovely new picture! Very Nice!

I once had a phone guy come in who was VERY concerned about the fact that he had to drill things, and that the wire was black and would stand out against my pretty walls. It was surreal!

thinking of you.

24 02 2009
Mo and Will

lisa! welcome back. looks like we’ll be cycling together! i’ll have good company, at least : )


24 02 2009

yea. glad that you are back in the land of the internets. 🙂 our guy did that, too. the good thing is that it is upstairs in our little extra room, so it’s not something that i have to look at every day.

so glad to have you back 🙂 and wahoo for getting ready to start your cycle!!

24 02 2009

oh yeah…moving is always traumatic… sighs… But it’s also fun to work to get your new place nice and ready the way you want it. 😉
love the picture. really beautiful.
So.. getting started tomorrow, huh?
crossing fingers for you!

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