Baseline Results

25 02 2009

My nurse just called with my results…

Estradiol – 22
LH – 3.2 (says this is high because I am doing micro dose lupron and had not started it yet)
Lining – 4 (not worried about this – it was 16 at the time of both prior transfers)

Here is the bad news:


Right only 3-4
Left 6-7

For my other two completed IVFs, I had 8 and 8 (retrieved 3 first IVF) and 6 and 8 (retrieved 9 – second IVF)…

So, please, please tell me that you had low follie count and ended up with dozens of eggs…

I stay on micro dose tonight, tomorrow (10 units at 8 am and 8 pm) and I start 375 of gonal f and 75 of menopur on Friday – I return for just blood work on Monday.

Sigh…I am feeling some anxiety over the low follie count.




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25 02 2009

I did – I ended up with way more eggs at ER than we saw at baseline! I don’t remember the exact count, but I think we saw somewhere around 14 or so total, and I ended up with 31 retrieved.

So good luck – and remember, quality over quantity. Whatever eggs you get, I hope they are of super duper quality!

Hugs to you!

25 02 2009

I will be keeping you in my thoughts, last cycle we only had 7 eggs retreived 7 fert.

You will do great,I know its hard but just believe that good things actually great things are right around the corner for you.

25 02 2009

I wouldn’t worry right now. Baseline is exactly that, a basis for comparison. You haven’t started any medications yet. Just be confident that you’ll get good, beautiful eggs.

25 02 2009

I always ended up with more eggs than I did baseline follicles. I wouldn’t let it worry you – I know my doc doesn’t even really go nuts trying to count every last one at baseline, he’s more checking to make sure there are no cysts to worry about. It looks like you’re on your way to a good cycle. Fingers crossed!

26 02 2009

i’m not concerned with your baseline follicles. i think that they kind of half ass the counting for the antral count anyway. they just need an idea. 🙂

26 02 2009

I did too – My antral count was something like 12 total and they ended up retrieving from 18 follies.

When is your next u/s? Thinking of you…

26 02 2009

No worries~! It is a number I rarely pay attention to. This is going to be a great cycle!

27 02 2009

I did have more in my ER than the baseline – remember they have the meds to boost them over the next few weeks! G/L and thanks for all your support!

27 02 2009

As our doctor said – it only takes ONE!!!

I know how hard it is to have few follicles and/or low lining. My wife never got over a 6mm and only once did we have more then 10 follicles (the best we had ever was 4 eggs retrieved! – we got lucky with ONE and only through a gestational surrogate!)

Think positiv (I know everyone says that but its true!). That is all you can do! The rest is in the hands of the doctors and GOD!

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