Picture; Eating and Eating and Eating and Eating

28 02 2009
Thanks for all of the great compliments on my photo – yes, that is me and Mr. M.   I really, really loved it!!!  We “eloped” in Kenne.bunkport, Ma.ine.  It was so amazing.  I thought I wanted a big wedding and started planning a monstrosity.  I then went to try on dresses and I just could not get into it and asked Mr. M if he would mind eloping. He was scared that I would regret not having a big wedding and after like the 10th time begging him, he agreed.  We both had the best time ever – we did tell our families before we went and had a dinner reception a few months after we were married.  I bought a dress off the rack with a corset, I bought a gorgeous bouquet and hired a photographer for us.  We got married at the bed and breakfast we stayed at while we were there.  I really wanted it to be about us and it was and it was fabulous.

We got married about 4.5 years ago and these photos remind me of what a beast I feel like!  I have been eating, and eating, and eating – I am about 16 pounds heavier than I was when we were married and I just feel so gross.  I know that the hormones I am on really make it feel worse but I need to quit shoveling in the food!  For example, tonight I had cheese, crackers, waln.ut basil pes.to dip, beef bar.b.que sand.wich, potato salad and some godi.va choco.late cheesecake from the cheese.cake fac.tory. I swear if there is not a baby out of this 3.5 I am going on a major diet and hiring a trainer – it is bad enough I feel like crap emotionally half the time but to pile on feeling like crap physically is just irresponsible of me!!



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1 03 2009

It is a beautiful picture…and wait, what was wrong with that dinner menu again??? 😉 (I understand).

1 03 2009

It is a beautiful picture…and wait, what was wrong with that dinner menu again??? 😉 (I understand).

1 03 2009

i’ve gained more and more weight with each cycle. i said the same thing though. if i don’t get pregnant i’m going to have to bust ass in the gym to try to get back into shape!!!

dinner sounds good though!

1 03 2009

The picture is beautiful! There’s so much love and romance in that picture!

I totally understand about the weight part – see my post a few days ago?


1 03 2009

Right there with you on the weight gain. Ugh.
(Mmmm, walnut basil pesto…)

My husband and I "eloped" too. As far as I'm concerned it's the only way to keep the emphasis where it belongs & not on all the stupid incidental stuff that weddings turn into nowadays.

2 03 2009
Just me

Ooooh. We considered that too… I was NOT a fan of all the craziness that goes along with having a big wedding. Unfortunately, my husband is an only and my mom is a romantic, so on we went with the big wedding. It turned out well, though, so I’m not complaining.

ME is a beautiful place for a wedding. 🙂 Your pic is gorgeous!!!

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