Stims Day 1 #3.5

28 02 2009

Today was my first day of stims – sort of uneventful – although I was really, really bitchy. I mean really bitchy.   My dose is 225 of gonal f in the am with my 10u of micro dose lupron and 150 of gonal f and 75 of menopur at night with another 10u of micro dose lupron.  Has anyone else done this protocol – how did you like it?

Mr. M and I went to bed, bath and bey.ond and spent a bunch of money (I was feeling better as the shopping progressed!) on stainless garbage cans and other fun stuff!  I have always had mix and match towels and I finally laid out some cash on nice white towels – I cannot believe how excited I am about some towels!  I also talked Mr. M into some better organization for his stuff that he leaves all over the dresser.  Our master bath is teeny tiny so we bought a really cool over the commode organizer and some shelves to put in a small opening.  I am really excited to decorate my new house.  I really did not invest in my other once since I knew we were going to move.  I am intimidated by decorating so I am really going to take my time and make sure we get what we want.  I think I may go to and no.ble and get some magazines and make a scrapbook of my ideas to take with me when I shop. 



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28 02 2009

doing the scrapbook “ideabook” is a great idea. i still have mine from our first house. so funny how things change over time. i look at it now and wonder, “what was i thinking??”

28 02 2009

Retail therapy always cures bitchiness for me! 😉 I’m actually leaving to do some right now. I love shopping and getting new stuff to decorate the house is always fun!

Woo hoo on starting stims! I haven’t done the microdose lupron protocol, so I can’t comment. But, I hope it brings you much success!

BTW … is that you and your dh in the picture? It’s a beautiful photo.

28 02 2009

I think decorating is a very cathartic activity. Takes away all the stress! Enjoy your new home and yes, take your time to do it up!

And girl – you’re on some huge doses there! Wow – no, I’ve never heard of this protocol. Good luck!

28 02 2009

Shopping always makes me feel better. I like to take my time with decorating. I hate when people try to get everything done immediately, and then the room looks like something from a furniture store showroom rather than a home.

Your ideabook sounds like a really good idea!!

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