Follie, E2 and Lining Update

5 03 2009

Well it is a mixed bag:

Lefty:  9 (what happened to the other three???) measurements are:

1 at 21
1 at 17
1 at 16
2 at 15
1 at 14 
3 less than 10


5 less than 10

Lining:  14

E2 – 1702

I am excited that my E2 is as high as it is when it looks like I only have six viable candidates.  For my other retrievals, my E2 was roughly 360 per egg when they got 9 and almost 600 per egg when they got 3.  So I am hoping for at least six eggs that will be of fabulous quality that will result in a fabulous fert rate that will result in 3 being transferred on day 3.

The RE had me up my micro dose lupron to 20 from 10 but other than that I am still on 375 gonal f and 75 of menopur per day.  Next appointment is Saturday morning and I will 99% trigger on Saturday night with the retrieval scheduled for Monday morning.  Accordingly, my transfer will be on Thursday.  I am still really, really hopeful.  It only takes one!



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5 03 2009

Come on follies! Praying you get some great eggs and fertilization. GL

5 03 2009
Just me

I have all my fingers AND some of my toes crossed for you! This process sucks so much. I am hoping for a super successful cycle for you. 🙂

5 03 2009

Looks like things are going well with the stimming, which I hope rolls right into the ER and growing of the embryos! I am hopeful too! 🙂

5 03 2009

Everything looks great – good luck for Saturday – I hope the follies keep growing, you get great quality eggies and some perfect embies. Yup – it only takes one!!

PS – care to share some of your fabulous lining? 🙂

5 03 2009
Mo and Will


Will be nice to go through retrieval on the same day! I’ll be sending you positive thoughts.


6 03 2009

Wow Lisa, it is all happening! I am excited for you and keeping my fingers crossed.

6 03 2009

I have everything crossed and keeping you in my thoughts..

Looks like everything is going well.. Good Luck Saturday…

6 03 2009

Lisa, I just caught up with where you are. Wow, it’s getting exciting! Good luck for tomorrow, I think it’s looking good!

6 03 2009

Good luck- your attitude is great I am too am rooting for you and your follies!!

6 03 2009

These numbers look fantastic! Fingers crossed!

6 03 2009

oh! so soon, so soon. I am hoping for you!

6 03 2009
Maria (MKC101103)

It all sounds good to me. And again, I’m so happy to hear your positive attitude. It makes all the difference. I’ll be thinking of you this weekend and can’t wait to hear the update on when your ER and ET will be!

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