Follie, E2 and Lining Update – Trigger Day!

7 03 2009

Yes, I am triggering today – my left ovary is about to explode so that is good news.  Here is the rundown:

E2 2842 (yay – hopeful that I have at least six eggs)

Lining 15 (really 14.8 and I am glad it stopped short of my usual 16)

Righty:  2 follicles at 12 (let’s hope these grow and the eggs on my left ovary do not – see below)


1 at 25
1 at 24
2 at 22
1 at 21
1 at 20

I asked about my eggs being too mature (holy follicles, they are big) and they said they only worry about that over 27…I think my RE said 30 last time…

I trigger tonight at 8:30 and retrieval is 9:45 on Monday morning.  I am still very positive and very hopeful – there is no good reason why this time cannot be the one.

I am off to micro-manage the delivery of my new washer!



8 responses

7 03 2009
Mo and Will

looks great! i trigger tonight as well, so we will be retriving “together” mnday morning!


7 03 2009
Just me

Thinking of you and your eggs! 😉 Hoping for a super successful cycle!

7 03 2009

YAY! Happy trigger night! Enjoy the romance and the med free day tomorrow. Thinking of you!

7 03 2009

Good luck with you trigger tonight! Have fun tomorrow and good luck for your ER on Monday! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

8 03 2009

Hey Lisa,
That is very exciting news! Good luck with your trigger. I’ll be watching your blog.

8 03 2009

Woo hoo! Those are some nice, plump follicles that hopefully lead to some beautiful embryos! I’m thinking positive thoughts for your ER on Monday.

8 03 2009
Grade A

Hope your retrieval goes well-thinking of you and sending positive vibes.

8 03 2009

oh my gosh I am so excited for you and your DH!

Wishing you all the best tomorrow and hoping the procedure goes well and is not to painful for you..

Then grow babies grow!!!

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