The retention, the retention…

8 03 2009

So for you apocaly.pse now fans, remember when (marl.on gasps out “the horr.or, the horr.or” – well picture me on my couch all day with my swollen fingers, swollen feet whispering “the retention, the retention”.  I am retaining so much water!  I guess it does not help that I ate half of an apple/black-raspberry pie from the local farm market…

The plan tomorrow is crazy – Mr. M is dropping me off at 7:45am and picking up his special sperm carrier kit and then he drives like an hour and twenty minutes to the urologist’s office (the urologist was supposed to come to us but had a surgery scheduled at a remote office – which bumped our $450 PESA procedure to said satellite location).  He then has to drive back with our precious cargo…I have these horrible fears of him getting pulled over and it being confiscated or wrecking and having my precious sperm splattered all over the inside of my car.  I think I would make him scrape up what he could and bring it anyway…My procedure is at 9:45 – so I am taking a book with me and possibly may laptop to pass the two hours of waiting – I cannot eat or drink all morning so I will need to be distracted!

I read a book today – cle.o coy.le’s es.presso sh.ot – from her mysteries – they are really easy reads – not intellectually challenging in any way – just what I need right now!  I am now watching reruns of top che.f – I know who won from some other blogs but I want to see it go down for myself.  Basically trying to keep my mind off of the procedure – I have already googled the shite out of over mature follies, e2 levels and follicle size, etc. etc.  I am not giving in to my fear, no terror, that all of my eggs are going to be too mature, nor am I going to wallow in the “what if this doesn’t work” there will be plenty of time for that later if it doesn’t.



3 responses

8 03 2009

Hi Lisa,
Wow – it is all happening. I am sure it will all go to plan and I can’t wait to read your next post. Good idea keeping distracted with reading, laptop etc. (PS thanks for your comments on my blog, and for not judging me! IVF does crazy things to us sometimes!)

9 03 2009

Good luck tomorrow!

9 03 2009
Mo and Will

Hope it went well today. Sending lots of positive thoughts!


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