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13 03 2009

Thanks to some of my blogging girlfriends, I have been thinking about posting about what is good in my life.  Thanks ladies.  My embryo transfer yesterday really inspired me to do so as well – I referred to my three little embryos as my sweeties as right now they are the sweetest things in my life.  But it made me also want to talk about the other sweet things in my life.  So here goes.  (BTW, Mr. M is a given – he is the best thing that has ever happened to me – he is my human valium and if it were not for him, I probably would have gone nuclear yesterday).

1) My dogs and my cat.  I do not post about them much but they are a huge part of my life.  My cat Nando, the grey tabby, has been with me for 13 years, Shelly, my brown mixed breed, 12 years and Rico, a terrier mix, for 2 years.  I just love having them around me.  Every morning I sit on the couch and catch up on the news, blogs, etc. and Shelly sits on my left, Rico on my right and Nando perches above my shoulder.  During my bedrest, Nando was in bed with me and Shelly stayed in her bed next to mine the entire time.  My dog Rico is about 40 pounds but when we have him and Shelly, who is 75 pounds, on leashes, he drags Shelly around by her leash.  It is hilarious and I am going to get a video up soon.

2) My stepson.  He is 19 and for the last month or so, he has been incredibly nice, helpful and just plan amazing.  He runs errands for me, gets me coffee (now decaf), gets groceries, takes care of our pets and yes, he even helps clean the house.  Amazing.

3) Stainless steel appliances.  Pretty materialistic of me, I know.  I had really crappy appliances all of my life so I love these things and I spent a good 15 minutes polishing them today…

4) Some days – my clinic.  I have such a low tolerance for bad customer service (waitress for 10 years, now an attor.ney) that I really demand a lot from them.  They really have gone above and beyond answering every single question and phone call.  I called today to see what MY RE had to say about the transfer, i.e. embryos being reloaded, taken in and out of incubator, etc., and I learned she was “in the mountains and totally unavailable.”  So my nurse went to the embryologist and got her two cents.  They said that they have a time period and that if the embryos are out of the incubator in not in you for a period of time, they will not transfer them and I did not reach that period, not to worry and they have documented pregnancies when that happens.  So while I still have some anxiety, I am trying to let it go and have faith in the process.

5) Rosemary crackers and cheddar cheese and hot milk with vanilla and sugar.

Okay, it is almost time for the opening ceremony of the POAS-a-thon.  I always test to make sure the ovidrel trigger is out of my system – they say at least 10 days but it usually leaves my system in 7ish.  So I will POAS on Sunday to document a fresh white stick that will hopefully have two lines in the near future.



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13 03 2009

Hi Lisa,
I really enjoyed reading about the good things in your life. Your animals sound so cute! It can be so nice having animals in the house. They are very understanding.
I’m glad that your clinic has been helpful. It is invaluable having a clinic that you feel comfortable with.
I’m praying for a good outcome for you!

13 03 2009

I love that you posted about the good things in your life, and that the list included rosemary crackers and cheddar cheese 🙂

Your clinic sounds amazing. It’s awesome that they take the time to make sure all your quesitons are answered.

14 03 2009

Hey Lisa,

So excited for you and your DH– hoping your 2ww is a fast one.. thinking positive thoughts for you.

14 03 2009

What a nice post. I think I need to do a “nice things” post as well. Count your blessings, as they say 🙂

Looking forward to your POASathon!

14 03 2009
Just me

My dogs are also at the very top of my ‘sweetness’ list. I just love them to pieces!!!

14 03 2009

just caught up! that’s such a transfer story! 🙂 sounds like things went well though. i’m glad that they were able to put back all three like you wanted.

thinking lots about you in the 2ww. i know it sucks. 🙂


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