5dp3dt of Sweetness

17 03 2009

I had a really, really good day today.  I was in a very good mood and enjoyed my work immensely.  It did not start out that way though – I was really cranky upon waking and Mr. M and my stepson were talking very loudly and my stepson was mixing his weight gainer in the blender…I wanted to tell them to shut the hell up but I did not – they were having a fun morning and I did not want to be bitch!  So I went into my bedroom and read and commented on some blogs.  I got to work and felt great.  

BTW, the shampoo is Ru.sk Sensor.ies, Hea.lthy S.hampoo, Black.berry and Berg.amot strengt.hening sh.ampoo.

As for symptoms, had and am having some more twitching (sometimes sharp) and cramping in my uterus area – mostly on the left but some on my right, I have moments of sheer exhaustion, I felt a little dizzy here and there and finally, my breasts feel like they grew around 5 inches at 4:00pm – so freaking huge and sore, and sorry tmi, my ninnies are constantly hard.  I do not want to hope too much for fear of being crushed but I am hoping that some of these are NOT from the PIO and that they are from one or more of my little ones burrowing in.   I am going to POAS tomorrow morning I think – I am obsessing about it and I will feel better if I just do it!  I know that it will probably be a BFN since it is so early but I have to feed the beast!

Now, for the sweet things in my life today:

1) Enjoying my work and clients;

2) Bravo.s Italian Kitchen chopped salad with chicken (I was craving a salad);

3) Newm.an’s Organic Decaf Coffee; and

4) Choco.late Crois.sant from Au B.on P.ain ( 🙂 3:00 chocolate craving).



6 responses

17 03 2009
Mo and Will

Sounds promising! Keep us posted AS SOON AS YOU PEE!!!


17 03 2009

I hope the POAS test gives you what you’re looking for…enlarged breasts are a good thing! My fingers are crossed for you.

17 03 2009

I love your positives at the end of your posts! I’m inspired to make a list every night since there are good things every day, right?
YAY on the symptoms! You are PUPO so enjoy it!

LOVE your comment on my blog. I laughed really hard reading it!

17 03 2009

Your symptoms sound great Lisa! Yes, I hope some of those aren’t progesterone related!

Let us know as soon as you step out of the bathroom after you POAS ok?? You know we’re going to be dying here to know!! 🙂

17 03 2009

I’m glad that you had a good day. You are doing so well! Let us know the results of the POAS! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these are early pregnancy symptoms.

17 03 2009

I am so excited for you these symptoms are all great signs!!!

Ya for bigger Tatas that is always a GOOD sign!!!

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