6dp3dt POAS-a-thon Day 1 Goes to THE STICK

18 03 2009
Yes, I peed on a stick this morning, knowing that unless all three implanted and split on Sunday, it was going to be a BFN and it was.  I woke up at 1:44 and had to pee very badly so I tested when I woke up at 6:00.  Don’t worry, I know it is too early – my heart is not full of dread or anxiety over this BFN today.  Now, Friday will be a different story – I got both of my other bfps on 8dp3dt with a FRER and my betas were 75 10dp3dt and 34 11dp3dt and they both ended shortly after that.  So if I get a negative on Friday, I will probably be freaking out even though that can be early too.  This morning I have had some “cramping” and twitching on either side – it does not feel like period cramps – I usually get a dull ache but at times I do feel that dull ache so I am terrified that there will be no bfp and all these “symptoms” are PIO and PMS.  Bah.  

I found the best depiction of the process of POAS – please enjoy it below from My Dusty Ovaries – I do not know her at all and I plan on dropping her a line this morning.

Tales from My Dusty Ovaries: The Story of the Sticks (with pictures)




7 responses

18 03 2009

Thanks for stopping by! You’d be amazed how many hits I get on my blog for those pee stick pictures. I actually have them every day all the way up to 17dpo. I should post them sometime.

I’m your newest cheerleader, hoping like crazy that this cycle worked for you!!

18 03 2009

The twinges are great signs, and from my understanding are common from 3days post to 6dpt. With my cycle that worked I had them– my last cycle that ended in m/c I had burning pulling feeling.. really weird.

Still cheering you on..

18 03 2009

Hang in there- I was addicted to testing at home, and I tested way too early- and even though I knew it, it still rattled my hope- just keep testing each day if you must, but wait for the final results from your beta!! You are in my prayers, little cramps and twinges are good!

18 03 2009

You’re my heroine. I am way too chicken to go anywhere near the sticks….. May the line appear at its earliest convenience!!!!! Rooting for you!

18 03 2009

Sorry about the BFN – they always suck even when you are anticipating them! Hoping the HCG is building in your blood as I type this!!!!

18 03 2009

Sorry about the early negative, however I hope your next POAS is a very different result. Crossing fingers and toes and everything else for you!

18 03 2009

Waiting to see what the hpt on Friday says! Good luck!

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