8dp3dt of Sweetness

20 03 2009

I am amazingly okay right now – the bfns are not getting to me and I am able to enjoy reading- Kim Harri.son’s White W.itch, Black Curs.e.  Pretty entertaining.

So, for the things that are sweet in my life today:

1) My IRL friends that have done IVF and that get it;

2) Mr. M bringing me pizza in bed;

3) Clean sheets on my bed; and

4) eboo.ks.com (no need to leave the house for reading material!).



6 responses

20 03 2009
Just me

Oooh. Do you read off of your computer, or do you have an e-reader? I’m so fascinated by the Kindle, but am not yet convinced enough to spend that kind of money… especially since I know I’d miss the book smell…

20 03 2009

Good for you! Can you teach me how to be patient like you? Praying this is your cycle! ((HUGS))

20 03 2009

Many hugs to you – I hope Mr M gets to bring you pizza in bed for 9 months straight! 🙂

20 03 2009

I keep stalking your blog for updates, I am sure you will be seeing positives soon.

21 03 2009

I’m glad you are doing okay today. I had a good day today too. I haven’t taken any tests yet (I’m also 11dpo today) but I also can’t imagine getting a bfp because I’ve never had one. 😦

21 03 2009

Lisa, you are doing such a great job of coping with the stress of the two week wait. I’m hopeful for you. Hugs to you!

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