Weekend of Pregnant Women, Kids and Babies (yes, babies, kids, pregnancies mentioned) and Our Special Delivery

6 04 2009

It is Monday morning and I am so glad to be home.  I went to my hometown for my niece’s first birthday party yesterday.  The weekend started out with my father telling stories about growing up and how poor our family was.  One of my great grandmothers had 12, yes 12 kids and my other great grandmother had 11, yes, 11 kids.   I cannot even think about that – and that perhaps the fertility gene was smoked in my body.

I have to say, I love my niece, she is an angel and my sister let me hug, hold, kiss and squeeze her  the entire day – I totally monopolized her.  Well, there were about 30 people at the party and about 10 kids.  I was the only woman – not just of childbearing age – but the only freaking woman at the party with no child.  There were old women, very old women, my sister, my stepsisters, etc. etc. and they all had their kids their with them.  On top of that, my stepsister is pregnant for the third time in 3 years – and she has a 2.5 year old and a 9 month old.  My sister’s sister-in-law is also pregnant and had a big, beautiful bump.  

I just went someplace else in my head and I was completely numb – which is good, saved me from crying and blubbering all over the cake and decorations.  It also kept me from interrupting the bash for our special announcement of our special delivery – our sperm has arrived at our clinic!  It arrived safe and sound on Friday – today is CD 11 so hopefully the IUI will be this week sometime.  I am really tired of not being pregnant and not having a baby.

I only almost started to cry once when I was talking to my aunt – my mother (I rarely speak to my mother, that is an Opr.ah show of its own) gave her some of the details.  This sucks, it really sucks.

I am trying to keep my hopes up for the IUI – although I am starting to have doubt about a natural cycle – there is no way that will work, right?????  I mean come on – the thought that I could get knocked up without taking any meds is CRAZY.  Also, I hear one should do it at least 3-6 times before giving up and going to a medicated cycle.  

I have to say  – looking at all of the women at this party – I know most of them and the fact that they got pregnant the old-fashioned way is giving me hope.  Not that having a stranger’s sperm pumped into my uterus with a catheter by a someone I do not even know on a first name basis is the old fashioned way, but it is as close as I am going to get!  More on natural selection as it relates to the correct sperm swimming into my egg later.   It has been nice to catch up with everyone – sorry to see some more bfns….it is so wrong…and happy to see What If get a bfp.




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6 04 2009
Just me

Those experiences are so exhausting. You spend the whole time trying to hold it together with a smile (or at least not a grimace) plastered on your face… it makes me want to go home and pass out. On top of that, I love kids, so I want to play with them and hug them and take lots of pictures- but then it makes my heart hurt because I WANT ONE!!!

Glad you made it through. Good luck with your new swimmers!!!

6 04 2009

Ugh. Family gatherings are exhausting. Glad you made it through in one piece, and glad your special delivery arrived! I am so so so hoping that this works easily and quickly and perfectly for you! Enough with the BFNs – I want all my URL friends to have to switch over to pregnancy blogs!

Seriously, though? I think that a non-medicated iui can only be a good thing. Our bodies get put through wringers taking all these drugs, and I’m not surprised that some of us simply can’t get pregnant even though everything “should be perfect” in there. Perfect or not, it’s a lot of artificial shit gets pumped through there in a medicated cycle, and everything’s connected.

Remember my “lining problems”? We were going to dose me up on estrogen this FET to try to overcome them? Um, my body did that on its own just as soon as it got left alone long enough to re-regulate itself. I can’t wait to hear about the success of your “low intervention” IUI!

6 04 2009

It DOES happen…crazy, I know! Whooda thunk you could get knocked up without drugs?!??

I’m going on the assumption that this IS going to work. Positive thoughts and all that shizz, ya know. 😉

Congrats on the spermies arriving safe & sound! Compared to the journey they just made, a few inches up your girlie bits isn’t a lot to ask, is it?? 🙂

6 04 2009

I know it is totally hard to believe that people still get pregnant the natural way. It is strange but I actually do seem to forget that sometimes and am always surprised when I realize that I forget that. Anyway, it IS possible! I know how you feel about your family b/c my mom’s mom had her at 42 in Poland. My aunt had her baby at 39. My grandma had 5 kids well into her late 30’s yet somehow I have crappy eggs and maybe DOR at 34? WTF?

Oh well – it would really be fun if it worked the sort-of old fashioned way for you! I hope so! Looking forward to following along!

6 04 2009

I know – hard to think that just sex can do it for some people huh?? 🙂

Sorry your weekend was so full of successfully and actively reproductive women. I’m proud of you for keeping yourself together and enjoying time with your niece.

Yay on your special delivery, now lets hope the next delivery is the BIG one, following some water breaking, and some labor and pushing!

Good luck!

6 04 2009

The party must have been so hard on you. I’m getting worse at being able to pull myself together for things like that. I love how you were able to hang out with your niece.

Congrats on the sperm delivery! DH and I were just talking about the concept of actually having sex and getting pregnant. Knowing what we all know, it seems incredible that people actually manage it. But they certainly do and natural IUI is awesome. This could be it for you! I can’t wait to follow your progress this week and beyond.

6 04 2009

Congrats on the delivery! And for what it’s worth, you know I’m completely fascinated at the prospect of this “old-fashioned” (well, kind of) approach to getting pregnant- I absolutely think it can and will work, and will stay positive for you even when you’re feeling doubtful.

I’m also proud of you for this weekend- I think I might need to borrow some of your strength for my upcoming visit…

6 04 2009
Just Me

Hey Lisa..

ahh me and you can exchange mother stories.. maybe we could fill a whole O show.. 🙂

Keeping you in my thoughts for your IUI this week…crossing everything!



6 04 2009

I am so proud of you for getting through that family gathering. You are such a trooper!

And YAY!! on the sperm arriving. This is good… you are getting close. I am so hoping that this is the one for you. LOL on the getting knocked up with no meds. But, it will work. That would be freaking awesome!

6 04 2009

I am so proud of you for getting through the family gathering (of pregnant women and children). There is no way I could have survived that!

I am so excited that your special delivery has arrived. If DHs sperm has been an issue in your TTC, then an IUI cycle could just work.

Thinking of you!


7 04 2009

You are so strong! Looking forward to what this cycle brings.

7 04 2009

Girl, I don’t know how you did that. You are one strong chick! (((HUGS)))

7 04 2009

good job on enduring the family gathering. Those are tough, for sure. how fun that your babymaking squad has arrived. Really, what if you do get knocked up in just one, natural, try?!!!! that’d be sweeeeet!

7 04 2009

Wow, I’m impressed, I probably would have lost it. I avoided my friend’s little girl’s birthday party this weekend for that same reason, I probably would have lost it. I’m proud of you!

7 04 2009

Oh, those families gatherings are TOUGH. I think they are getting harder and harder, the further we get in our journey. I hope your special delivery turns into a real live baby delivery in 9-10 months! GOOD LUCK!

8 04 2009

I’m so glad your sperm made it safe and sound to your clinic. I’m so pulling for you this cycle!!! Sending you big hugs 🙂

1 05 2009

never give up, life is all about changes and you surlywill have some.

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