Sick; 3dpiui

13 04 2009

I am getting a head cold 😦

I had to get up very early – I have three closings this week, one was today and it was pure mayhem.  My mother left at 6:00 a.m. today…sigh…

I am really tired and my head hurts – do any of you know whether getting sick affects getting pregnant – may be a naive question but I have no clue.

So I am hoping that if this worked, I currently have at least an 8 celled embryo making its way to my uterus right now!

I am going to go get in bed.  BTW, I did not forget – I am going to start a list of books I have read – I just read The Roa.d by Cor.mac McCart.hy – it was amazing.




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13 04 2009

I’m sorry you’re feeling sick – chicken soup thoughts being sent your way! Get better soon. I don’t think being sick right now would affect anything, but maybe don’t take any strong medicines if you can avoid them?

13 04 2009

I conceived Gabe in the midst of a rip roaring head cold. Stick to natural remedies. Lots of fluids.

13 04 2009

Sorry you’re feeling sick. If it really is a headcold, I don’t think it can affect your chances of catching pregnant. I know my mom conceived me while dealing with a raging sinus infection.

Hang tough, avoid the cold meds., and keep your fingers crossed. I know that’s what I’m doing for you!

13 04 2009

Take care of yourself and know that little cluster can weather a headcold no problem. Wishing you all the best and that you feel better really soon.

13 04 2009

Eight cells and a growin’! Hope you feel better soon…head colds are no fun. 😦

14 04 2009

I’ve seen women who got sick before implantation get pregnant – just b/c the immune system is working on the cold, not attacking the embies. I’ve actually heard some people say that an early cold can be a symptom of pregnancy (but not as early as you, alas). Just don’t take a lot of meds (easier said than done) and take care of yourself. I hate hate hate colds!

14 04 2009

I was very sick after one of my IVF rounds and my RE’s nurse said it would NOT affect the chances of getting pregnant.

I hope you feel better soon sweetie 🙂

And I’m so happy to hear your sister’s hcg is moving in the right direction!!!

14 04 2009

Hope your feeling better soon! It won’t by the way affect the outcome of the pregnancy, just stay away from the meds.

14 04 2009

I hope you feel better soon! I don’t think being sick has any effect on getting pregnant. The downside is you have to tough it out with out any meds…..that’s sad. 😦

I hope you feel better. Everything crossed that this is your cycle.

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