9dpiui – More Spotting; Call to Clinic; Am I Hysterical, High Maintenance or Both?

19 04 2009

No spotting this morning until about 9:00, then it was really watery, pink, dark pink and a little red.   I am a bit freaked – I feel the same way during my other losses…I had some cramping before bed, a little in my back (no bleeding with it) but it all feels too familiar…doll.ar tree hpt was negative.  I will use FRED tomorrow morning.  

I called the clinic and talked to one of my favorite nurses and she said it sounds like implantation bleeding – that it could last for 24-30ish hours, will be pinkish, red and watery in some cases, she sees it a lot and so long as it is not heavy, it may be a good sign.  I asked to come in to get my progesterone tested – she mentioned an hcg and said it may be too early – I told her I would prefer it just in case it would be positive to diagnose a chemical pregnancy.  She was like, “there would be nothing we could do” – I know that but I think if it is another one – we may need to look into my uterus a bit more since it would be at a minimum, my third pregnancy loss in a year – it would be my earliest but I have to say, I really think this happened during IVF #3.5…

That being said, I think they (the clinic) think I am hysterical and/or high maintenance.  I just think they do not like to be questioned – unless that is crazy talking!!!!  She was like, what are you doing to relax – I told her that Dr. Google was all I needed for advice, thank you very much…just kidding – I told her that this is nothing, she should have been around for IVFs #1 and #2…So, after much discussion and telling her I am not asking for a beta for conclusive evidence of pregnancy – it could be negative tomorrow and be positive later – I would like to know what is going on, I know we cannot do shit about a chemical pregnancy – but if it was from low progesterone, that would be good information to have.  I will be really pissed if this first IUI worked then crashed due to low progesterone, something easily fixed.  It ended with me coming in at 8:45 am tomorrow for hcg and progesterone.  Perspective – do you guys think my need for this information is sound????

I want/need to know if this is another chemical pregnancy – if it is too early for the hpt to pick up, I want a blood test to know, plus I would like my progesterone tested to see where it is…if it is another chemical pregnancy, then I feel like I need more answers – is it my uterus, should I have a laparoscopy, WTF??  Something is happening in my uterus of death and it is either really good or really bad…I am too jaded to think it could be really good…

I had some nausea this morning, my nips do not seem as tingly and I am having some lower back pain and some pinching on the right side of my ute.  I think I may be less symptomy today but it may just be over-analyzation at this point.


Updated for my symptom checker – slight back cramping in afternoon and more pinkish, red and watery spotting at 6:00 pm when I wiped – it was there after I wiped 2 or 3 times.  I also I had diarrhea.  Not having a good feeling about this…




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19 04 2009

I’m so glad you were persistent with the clinic and agree that early information is best when you are dealing with a history of loss. It is still really early (i never get at +hpt until 12 dpo), but is sounding promising! I am so anxious to see what happens in the next few days and wish you all the best!

19 04 2009

I’m with ya … Stick baby stick!! Honestly I’d do the same thing. I’m a very high maintenance patient and can be quite demanding, but I always have a “reasonable” explanation for my demand. I think that it’s fair to know what’s going on and to request the blood draws. I figure that it never hurts to ask or push as may be the case. You mentioned testing with FRED and I think that’s a great idea. They are known to pick up levels less than 10 (although they advertise at 20-25). K got a + 5dp5dt and her 1st beta on 10dp5dt was in the high 50’s, so FRED (actually Equate, the Walmart version of FRED) must have caught it at like 7 or something.

I will keep thinking positive, sticky thoughts for your little one! ((HUGS))

19 04 2009

Thinking lots of positive sticky thoughts for you! Implantation bleeding could definitely be the culprit here. Hope you get some positive tests and signs very soon. ((hugs))

19 04 2009

I totally think your need for the P4 and HcG information was sound. I’m glad you persisted and asked. It doesn’t really hurt the doctors if you do a blood test, so I don’t see why clinics get stuck with their cookie cutter steps!

Good luck to you! Thinking strong sticky thoughts for you. Yes, stick baby stick!

19 04 2009

When I was reading I was smiling reading cause the pinky show has always been a positive thing for me…and usually after that within 2 days I had a positive.

Stick baby stick is right…

I got a positive on a FRED and my beta was only 7 that same day.. so they are super sensitive…

thinking of you and can’t wait to see your next update +

19 04 2009

I was also going to add that I have heard of a lot of people who buy the over the counter progesterone cream just for peace of mind.

19 04 2009

I don’t think you’re being paranoid or high maintenance at all. I also think that checking progesterone is an easy check – ditto hCG, and I would think that your clinic would WANT as much info as possible, especially when looking at a history of miscarriage. I know whereof I speak, since I’m anticipating another brush-off when I go for my WTF consultation. (Old eggs, my ass. Let’s really take a look at the womb of death now, shall we?)

Regarding you, though? I’m going to say that it sure sounds encouraging. Implantation bleeding is not something I’ve ever dealt with, but I know lots of women who have, and my, but this sounds familiar! My fingers are crossed for you, my dear. Here’s hoping that this is the first of many things you worry about FOR NO REASON EXCEPT THAT YOU’RE PREGNANT!

19 04 2009

I think if you want to go in and you or your insurance is paying them, they should just shut up and let you after explaining that it may not be definative. GOOD LUCK!!!!

19 04 2009

I am sorry you are spotting, hoping it is implantation bleeding and am so glad you called & are going in for b/w. Stay off your feet, drink water & good luck!!!!

19 04 2009

I am hoping for implantation spotting!!!! I’m glad you called your clinic…who cares what they think. You are paying them tons of $$$, they should do whatever you want. Good luck, I’m so hoping this is your sticky bean!!

20 04 2009

I too am hoping for implantation spotting. It must be a very nerve wracking time for you though. Hang in there! I’m thinking of you sweetie. xx

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