24 04 2009

I am posting a photo of my hpts just for reference.  I do not have much to say, pretty empty today.

These were from 10dpiui, morning was so, so faint – my hcg was 6.5 that morning, and 10dpiui at night and the morning of 11dpiui, which was even lighter than the morning before.  It was absolutely gone on 12dpiui and my hcg was back down to 2 that morning.




8 responses

24 04 2009

Has your RE given you any insight as to why you keep having chemicals? (((HUGS)))

24 04 2009

😦 wishing i could give you a big hug right now!!!

24 04 2009

So very sorry. A very useful post, though.

And you better believe I’m buying stock in FRERs (or at least buying a shitload of them for the next time I need an HPT stash.)

Hugs, sweetie. I wish there was something any of us could say to make it better or even easier. Thinking of you.

24 04 2009

So sorry……this really sucks. Thinking of you……

24 04 2009

This just sucks L… I look at those tests and just think what the fricking frink it isn’t fair.. it just isn’t.

25 04 2009

I’m sorry it didn’t work…that really sucks. Nothing I can say will change anything but just wanted to send you some hugs and prayers for next cycle. You are a very strong and brave person, and are a huge inspiration to many!

25 04 2009

Just checking in on you.. hoping your weekend is going ok..


2 05 2009

Well shit. I’m so sorry.

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