Ho Hum 8dpiui#2

16 05 2009

That is how I feel tonight.  I got back from Philly last night and had to work for most of the day today.  (BTW, getting over giving myself PIO – did it myself in the bathroom of the Philly airport Thursday night – I ended up dropping my draw needle and it rolled under the stall into where another woman was…worst fear…I just reached my hand over and grabbed it and was like sorry – I was scared she was going to call security about a junkie with a scary long needle in the bathroom).  Keeping busy with work is definitely keeping me busy and my mind off of this cycle.  That being said, yesterday when I was rushing to get out of my suit and into my jeans while the cab was waiting for me, I went to the bathroom and I either scratched myself when I wiped (TMI, I know and my nails have gotten too long) or it was a tiny bit of reddish pink blood from my girly bits.  I wrote it off to scratching myself although I did not have time to investigate.  This morning at around 9ish I had very, very tiny, itty, bitty bits of pink spotting, literally as if the tip of the finest pen dropped the tiniest little speck of ink on the tp.  My hopes immediately went up – that is what kind of implantation spotting I want – if in fact it is implantation spotting.  None of this watery pink bright red shit – NO MORE!!!!  I wish I was not on the PIO in some ways – I felt symptoms much more clearly off of it, however, I am still having some twitching and cramping and my lower back has a pinchy feeling at times.  My nips felt a little tingly a few times today.  Sigh…we’ll see – it could all be the PIO. But you know I am hoping, hoping, hoping that it was implantation spotting – the good kind – and my little bean is burying itself in my lining.  Is that too much to ask?




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17 05 2009

Praying with you.

17 05 2009

Hmm… it sounds promising… thinking of you and sending good thoughts.

17 05 2009

You feel Ho Hum? After the airport adventure? (My god, I’d still be shaking!) And, um, not to get all cheerlead-y here, but DAMN those symptoms sound good! Go team MeInsideOut! Yay!!!

Sorry. I get a bit carried away sometimes. But seriously? Not sounding ho hum over there At.All.

Thinking of you…

17 05 2009

sounds promising!! fingers crossed!

17 05 2009

At least you were able to reach the needle under the stall and didn’t have to ask that it be passed back! OMG, yeah…that’s trauma. The things we will do….

17 05 2009

SSSOOOO BIZARRE!!!!! Read my post just before I got my BFP…


You should have told me you were in Philly…we could have met for some cold adult beverages 🙂

My vote is that it’s implantation spotting!!!!!!!!!

And yes, I’m sure that woman thought you were a junkie. LOL!!

17 05 2009

It’s definitely not too much to ask for! Sounds promising, and I’d say yes, it’s implantation spotting!

Did you say you will POAS on 10dpiui? Good luck girl!!

Fingers, toes, legs, eyes – all crossed for you!!

17 05 2009

I am keeping my fingers crossed for you too! Hugs. xx

17 05 2009

hoping hoping hoping for you!

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