11dpiui#2 BFN Second Second Opinion

19 05 2009

Another negative.  I was in the bathroom last night with mr. m and telling him what a horrible day I had.  Usually, I do not feel like I work at the good old boys’ club, yesterday I did and it was just a crappy day.  And then I said, plus, I think this cycle is a bust.  His face fell and he was like “really?” and he was very sad.  Ugh.  And then he said, we just have to keep trying.  I love him.  The best part of last night was when I was working (I am really busy and working every spare minute that I have) on my laptop in bed, he just came in for no reason and laid on the bed and rubbed my feet.  Honestly, I do not know what I would do without him.

As for fake-out PIO symptoms, my breasts were tingling yesterday and I had some slight nausea.  I really hate PIO.  The only good thing about it is that it may slow down my period enough that I could do another IUI immediately when we get back from our cruise.  

Finally, I have my second second opinion later and if I have time tonight, I will update this post regarding what he has to say about my killer uterus, and/or shitty eggs and/or hyperfertile infertility.  I cannot believe this is my life.




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19 05 2009

Oh Lisa

I am so so sorry. This whole thing sucks so badly. I hear your frustrations, every single one. I hope that today’s second opinion brings some answers or at least some new questions.


19 05 2009

I’m sorry. More so than I can say. Hope your second second opinion is productive, gives you lots of info that you can use to decide what’s next.

And your boy sounds wonderful. So glad he’s there for you, and present, and fully committed to this process.

Thinking of you.

19 05 2009


19 05 2009

I’m so sorry Lisa. I’m looking forward to hearing the second opinion. {{{HUGS}}}

19 05 2009

I’m so sorry Lisa. Really sorry.

Mr M sounds wonderful and supportive. I’m glad you have him to lean on.

Can’t wait to hear about your second second opinion. (((HUGS)))

19 05 2009

I’m sorry sweetie, really, really sorry. This is absolutely not fair.

19 05 2009

Sending love, and a gentle reminder that my positive did not come until 13dpIUI.

I’m just sayin’.

And I am all about second (or third or…) opinions. Hang in there and know we are all pulling for you.

19 05 2009

I’m so, so sorry.

19 05 2009

I’m really hoping you just have too little HCG to get a postivie. I am not an optimist, but as you know, I think POASing is a dangerous sport!
The foot rubbing is so sweet.

19 05 2009

OMG….I think the same thing so often. I can’t believe this is my life. If I had a dime for every time……
Well shit. I’ll be interested in your second opinion. I think they’re so valuable. I’ve probably said that before. Sorry bout the BFN too. I got one of those today also. Blech.

19 05 2009

Oh no! I am so sorry. Hope you get some new insights…

19 05 2009

I am so sorry Lisa. Your DH sounds like a very supportive man. I hope that the second opinion is helpful, and that you enjoy your time away together on the cruise.

19 05 2009

I am sorry Lisa. I hope they are able to give you some new info and hope with the second, second opinion. Thinking of you.

19 05 2009

I am so very sorry. I hope your second second opinion gives you some answers and a plan. ((HUGS))

19 05 2009

I’m really really sorry. Big hugs from Texas.

20 05 2009

I’ve sorry about the BFN:(

20 05 2009


thinking of you. hope the second second opinion was helpful. i’m so sorry about the bfn.


20 05 2009

Thinking of you and big fat hugs…

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